Also known as Aka, Ark and Akaua, madar plant is a highly beneficial plant. This is not grown anywhere, instead, it grows on its own. It is poisonous in nature, therefore, it is not grazed by animals but at the same time it can cure several health problems.

You can use the leaves, fruits, flowers and milk of this Ayurvedic plant to overcome several health problems. Read on about all the health benefits of madar plants.


Leaves of madar plants have been used for a long time to remove inflammation from the body. You just need to apply some oil on the smooth surface of the leaves which is the ventral side and heat it for a while. Now, apply it to the swelled area in order to soothe it. Repeat this regularly for 5-6 days and it will definitely help you to reduce the pain.


white madar plant benefits

Take some dried flowers from the madar plant and grind them to make a powder. Then, mix a little bit of rock salt in it. Now, you can either eat this mixture in powder form or the same warm water and drink this mixture. This way, you will get instant relief from problems like asthma, cough, cold and many more just by using the flowers of madar plants.

Relieves Deafness

Squeeze out some juice from the leaves of this plant and put some of it in your ears. This will help to remove the deafness of the ears. However, it should be noted that ears are a sensitive part of your body, therefore, you should be highly cautious while putting it in your ears. In fact, it is better to consult a doctor before going ahead with the process.

Cures Diabetes

Nowadays, diabetes has become really common and there is a need to control it as we don’t have any treatment for it. Leaves of the madar plant are highly beneficial in the same. Just put the leaves under your feet every morning and wear socks above them. Remember to remove the leaves before sleeping. This will help you to control sugar.

Good For Skin

Milk of this plant is highly beneficial for the skin and can cure several types of skin problems. Just apply the milk to the skin, ringworm, boils or sores, and you will see the results. Also, the oxidants present in the milk will be helpful in healing all your skin problems.

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poisonous madar plant benefits

Since ancient times, madar plants have been used to cure cholera. Just take the clean root bark of the plant and dry it. Now, crush it to make powder. Then, mix ginger juice and black pepper. After the mixture is ready, roll it to make small pea-sized tablets. Take one tablet after every 2 hours with one teaspoon of mint juice.

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Helps In Digestion

Madar plants can be highly beneficial for you if you are suffering from indigestion (drinks that will soothe stomach-related problems). This will help you to cure any stomach-related problems.

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Word Of Caution

purple madar plant benefits

Along with being highly beneficial, this plant is also poisonous. Therefore, you should be cautious before using it. High intake can often lead to vomiting, diarrhea, slow heart rate, convulsions and even death. Therefore, you consult a doctor first. In fact, you should stay away from it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding (right breastfeeding positions). 

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