We all know eating food plays a significant part when it comes to gaining or losing weight. If you eat high-calorie food on a regular basis without working out, you’re likely to gain weight. But did you also know, at what time you consume your meals also plays an imperative part in making you look and feel unhealthy? Not all food must be consumed throughout the day. You need to be mindful of everything that you put into your system. 

This includes deciding the best food item for your body and appropriate timing to put that in your system. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the three main meals of the day, which has its own importance. To receive maximum benefit and to help your body lose weight faster, here’s at what time you should have them. 



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Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day, as it provides you energy to function throughout the day. For your breakfast, you must ideally consume fibrous and energy-boosting foods. When it comes to timing, you must only focus on the fact that there should be at least 12 hours difference between your last meal and breakfast. This is only if you want to lose weight. 

Allow your system to clean itself. End your day with detox water and then have your breakfast in the morning, probably 15 minutes after having lukewarm water. For example, if you had your dinner at 8:00 PM, along with detox water, you should have the first meal of the day at 8:00 AM. With this, you will light and energetic all day long. 



If you’re a foodie, lunch is supposed to be your favourite meals of the day because, if you’re having any junk foods, this is when you can have it, but in a very small quantity. Lunchtime appears to have the least impact on weight loss. Also, it is the biggest meal of the day, which helps the body to regulate hormones. 

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However, try not to push your lunch late. If you have your breakfast at 8:00 AM, you should try having your lunch during the early afternoon. Somewhere around 2:30 PM. This will allow the body to digest the food nicely before the next meal and will provide you fuel if you run out of it.



Health professionals remind people of having their dinner as early as possible. At least 2-3 three hours before hitting the bed. This habit allows the body to burn some calories off before going into the still position. One must never eat dinner and go directly to sleep because it doesn’t allow the body to digest the food properly and hence, you feel bloated the next morning. 

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With highly undigested food in your tummy, you won’t be able to have restful sleep later. This will then trigger hormonal changes that can interfere with the weight loss process. If you’re trying hard to get in shape, having your dinner before 8:00 PM is the best thing to do, as it will enable the body to more efficiently burn calories, control blood glucose and optimise digestion. 

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