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Caffeine Detox: 5 Tips To Overcome Dependency And Control Cravings

Dependency on caffeine is associated with many health complications. Read on how to cut down its amount. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -02 Aug 2022, 12:17 ISTUpdated -02 Aug 2022, 12:34 IST
how to cut back on caffeine

Every morning we wake up with groggy eyes and sleepy minds that need a kickstart so we can get going with our work and household chores. The best medicine for it is caffeine in the form of freshly brewed coffee or a hot piping cup of tea. After consuming our morning beverages, we feel less sleepy and more alert.

We get the same energy boost when we drink soda or eat chocolate. However, the caffeine that helps us start our mornings fresh also comes with health disadvantages like dehydration, insomnia, high blood pressure and headaches, says a report in Cleveland Clinic.

Unlike actual drugs, caffeine only increases a small amount of dopamine hormone. It might not be an addiction, but our bodies may become dependent on it. Therefore, we need to watch out for how much caffeine we consume every day.

Effect Of Caffeine

The effect of caffeine can last as long as six to 10 hours. A Healthline report says high doses of the substance can result in digestive problems, anxiety, rapid heart rate, muscle breakdown, frequent urination and even fatigue.

Tips To Cut Down Caffeine

Try Alternatives 

green tea and black tea

According to an article in CNN Health, one of the best ways to cut on caffeine is by trying alternatives in beverages that contain less of its amount. For example, compared to coffee, green and black tea have a lesser percentage of caffeine. 

If you compare eight ounces (236.5 mL) cups of coffee with green tea or black tea, the former contains at least 75 mg to 165 mg of caffeine. However, the same amount of green tea has only 25 mg of the substance, and black tea has 47 mg.

Keep A Track

Keeping a track of how much coffee, tea, chocolate or soda we consume in a day would help us know if we are going overboard or have already become dependent on the substance. The record can help us cut down the number of cups and also track any withdrawal symptoms we might experience.

Know About The Sources

know caffeine sources

Cleveland Clinic study says there are as many as 60 plant-based sources of caffeine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identifies the substance as a drug as well as a food additive.

Therefore, identifying the sources can help us understand how much we are consuming every day. It will also help us identify the cut points where we can reduce the intake of caffeine.

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Fight Cravings

Once our body has become dependent on caffeine, it is a little difficult to cut down on caffeine because cravings are bound to happen. But a few exercises can help us fight the urge to gulp down a large cup of coffee or tea and focus on work. Taking deep breaths or a five-minute relaxing break can help a bit.

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Reduce The Cup Size

reduce cup size

Another way to cut down on caffeine yet enjoy our favourite beverages is by reducing the size of the cup. For example, instead of drinking tea or coffee (benefits of drinking coffee) in a large mug, we can order a smaller cup. It will cut down the caffeine intake as well as satiate cravings. 

However, it is always a sound step to consult a healthcare expert in case one starts to experience adverse effects of caffeine or withdrawal symptoms. Cutting down can be a huge lifestyle change for some people, and keeping a doctor in a loop will help to avoid any health complications. 

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