Although the festive season is on, the changing weather can surely take a toll on our health and give us a bad and sore throat. Don't worry! We have listed some food options that you can treat yourself to during those days:

Honey & Lemon

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One of the most effective remedies to soothe a sore throat is the super simple concoction of hot water, honey and lemon, as honey is actually an effective cough suppressant.

Mashed Potatoes

Foods with a soft, mushy consistency such as mashed potatoes are easy to eat while suffering from a sore throat. 


Soothing and creamy, a smoothie will cool your throat. Add in the blueberries as they contain astringent tannins that soothe sore throats. Have banana smoothies, as well as they, are soft and easy to swallow and are loaded with fibre and flu-fighting vitamin C.

Scrambled Eggs

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This dish is not only yummy but rather wholesome and filling. They are also loaded with protein and omega-6 fatty acids, which can help fight inflammation.


A loaded antioxidant, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Add this spice to your daily diet in the form of a powder into your smoothies, teas and soups for a healthy boost.


This vegetable can provide the same health benefits since it is loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin C, sulphur and other essential nutrients that can help reduce the inflammation of a sore throat

Cooked Vegetables

When your throat is scratchy, cook your favourite root vegetables until tender so they're easier to swallow and digest.  

Carrot Soup

Skip raw carrots as they can aggravate an irritated throat, treat yourself to carrot soup as it is a perfect source to soothe your throat. Did you know that carrots have vitamin A, C and potassium?

Chicken Soup

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A scrumptious soup, this dish is an ancient remedy to sickness. Homemade chicken soups remain the go-to food when it comes to fighting illness and soothing a sore throat.


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Oatmeal is a great thing to eat when you’re feeling sick, as it's full of nutrients and fibre that will help your body fight off illness.  

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties, making it a necessary pantry staple during cold and flu season. Gargle it with water, mix one teaspoon with honey and warm water, or add it to a salad.

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Ice Cream

Few things are as soothing to a sore throat as a cold treat that eases the pain. If you don't want to indulge in sugar-laden ice cream, opt for a healthier vegan homemade version.


This fragrant spice is delicious and heart-warming. Plus, it can help combat colds and sore throats. That's because cinnamon contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


A simple tea made from cloves can be quite effective when suffering from throat soreness since cloves are anti-fungal and also have anaesthetic properties that can provide relief from the scratchiness and pain.

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