Pregnancy is one the most beautiful times of a woman’s life as well as the most difficult time. On one hand, you are waiting for your little bundle of joy and on the other hand, you are facing several health problems and one such common problem during pregnancy is acidity or heartburn.

Dr. Vincy Mathew said, “Heartburn throughout pregnancy can have an effect on most expectant mothers at some point. The good news is that safe and effective treatments are out there. This can be as a result of progestogen is a hormone that relaxes muscles throughout pregnancy and additionally relaxes the stomach valves, thereby preventing acid from getting into the esophagus. Additionally, the growing womb can squeeze into the abdomen, forcing abdomen acid into the esophagus.”

Dr. Vincy Mathew also shares some of the amazing ways to take care of it at home itself. So, read on to know about the home remedies shared by her for acidity during pregnancy.

Eat Little And Frequent Meals Throughout The Day

food home remedies pregnancy acidity

Dr. Vincy Mathew advises skipping those big meals that you might be tempted to eat during this time. Instead, go for mini-meals and snacks. This is a great solution to help you stay relieved from heartburn during pregnancy along with curing other symptoms like bloating and lagging energy.

As you want to avoid digestive overload, therefore, you have to take small meals at one time. However, pregnant women shouldn’t have an empty stomach for long hours as this can also lead to acidity along with some other problems. Therefore, it is suggested to eat frequently throughout the day.

Eat Your Food Slowly

Eating your food slowly and chewing it properly is really important. Chewing your food properly is the first step in a healthy digestive process. This is because the more you will chew, the less work your stomach has to do.

Apart from this, eating your food quickly can often result in you swallowing air which can lead to the formation of gas pockets in your belly. Therefore, even if you are in a hurry or super hungry, you need to make sure to eat slowly in order to prevent acidity (yoga tips to reduce acidity).

Don’t Drink And Eat At The Same Time

Dr. Vincy Mathew says, “Rather than drinking a large glass of milk during dinner, it’s better to drink it between meals. Attempt to consume fluids between meals instead of during meals.” This is because too many fluids mixed with food will distend the stomach, thus aggravating heartburn.

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Don’t Lie Down Immediately After Eating

straight home remedies pregnancy acidity

Apart from making sure that you stay upright while eating, you also need to make sure that you are upright for some time after having your meal. This is because lying down will bring gastric juices back up, thus leading to acidity. Also, while sleeping try to keep your head elevated which will keep the gastric juices where they belong.

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Perceive The Reason For Heartburn And Avoid It

The most important thing to do is know yourself and your habits and perceive which one can be the cause of heartburn. Once you know the cause, you can easily tackle the situation and get relief from acidity (how to use tulsi for acidity). 

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