Eyes are one of the most important organs of our body. Our life is so incomplete without them. However, many of us don't pamper it the way we do our hair or overall health. Agree? A lot of us forget paying attention to our eyes, something that they really deserve. Our eyes get exposed to so many things, rays of the sun, dust, dirt, and even the harmful light emitted by the laptop. Just like the rest of our body, our eyes need some rest and care. Here are some useful tips you should follow. 

Drink A Lot Of Water

drink more water

When your body is dehydrated, it is your eye area that gets affected the most. Wonder why your eye area looks so dry, dark, and dull? Not drinking enough water can be one reason. Also, not just the area but your eyes as well stay healthy and beautiful when you stay hydrated all day. You may find it difficult to use products on your eyelids. An easy way is to soak a cotton pad in cold water or aloe vera gel and placing them on your eyes lids for a few minutes. This helps in relaxing your eyes. 

Quit Smoking

Unhealthy lifestyle habits have a negative affect on your eyes. Smoking not only is harmful to your overall health but your eyes too. Smoking takes away all the moisture from your skin and this also affects your eyesight. For healthy and beautiful eyes, make sure you quit smoking. 

Limit Screen Time

We all are hooked to our phones and laptops these days. A lot of us are into jobs that require us to be sitting in front of the laptops all day and night. Also, many of us binge-watch shows on Netflix all night or stay glued to Instagram and Facebook. Exposing our eyes to so much screen light can be harmful. Our eyes really get no time to relax and start to feel tired. 

You may not be able to compromise on your work and may need to work for a certain number of hours. The trick here is to keep taking small breaks every 20 minutes. This makes your eyes feel relaxed. Also, when not at work, try to limit your screen time, avoid using your laptop or phone.

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Massage Around The Eyes 

massage around eyes

Massaging around the eye area helps in increasing blood circulation which keeps your skin healthy. Also, this makes your eyes feel a lot more relaxed.

Take A Good Sleep

It all starts to show on your eyes when you don't sleep well. Not getting enough sleep can lead to problems like redness, puffiness, and dark circles among others. Let's tell you that all these signs indicate that your eyes are tired and you haven't been able to get a goodnight sleep. For healthy eyes, make sure you sleep well, at least for 8 hours. Avoid using any electronic gadgets before going to sleep.

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Wear Sunglasses

wear sunglasses

Your eyes are super sensitive and to prevent them from any damage, you should keep them covered. We expose our eyes to so many things, sunrays, dust, and dirt. All these can get into our eyes and lead to problems like irritation and redness. Wearing a pair of sunglasses can prevent your eyes from so many issues. Whenever stepping out, make sure you have covered your eyes with a pair of glasses. 

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Follow these tips to beautiful looking and healthy eyes. Just like other parts of your body, eyes too need your attention. For more such stories, stay tuned!