Out of all the sense organs, we somehow forget to take care of our eyes the most. While we do clean our tongue, ear, and nose on a regular basis, neglecting the eyes will only lead to lifelong problems. Leave diseases such as, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, amblyopia, strabismus, etc, not caring for eyes can hurt the vision the most. While we all know long screen time has a massive impact on the brain and eyes, there are other daily habits, which also have a bad impact on the precious eyes. Here are some of those day-to-day activities: 

Rubbing Your Eyes

Consciously or unconsciously, most of us rub our eyes a lot throughout the day. While sometimes to feel fresh, other times to remove particles that might have gone inside. But, you need to stop doing this, because you’re transferring too many bacteria and germs into your eyes. Problems like pink eye happen due to this. There are more consequences of rubbing eyes. As per a health report, this habit can lead to permanent corneal damage and breakdown of certain fragile vessels around the eyes. 

Rubbing Your Eyes

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Putting Expired Eye Makeup On 

When it comes to makeup, we hardly check their expiry dates. Users are still not aware that using flawed, fake, and expired items will do no good. Don’t keep using the same mascara, liner and kohl pencil for years, as it can irritate your eyes or cause a nasty eye infection. Reportedly, the American Academy of Ophthalmology suggested that after three months, the eye makeup products should be thrown away. Whereas, other experts recommend using products for six to nine months. 

Using Wrong Sunglasses

Using Wrong Sunglasses 

The sun exposure is something that will harm your eyes the most. The only way to protect it is by using a good quality sunglasses. The fashionably cool pieces are not going to do much for the eyes. Yes, it may make you look gorgeous, but in order to keep your eyes healthy, care for them today by protecting from UV exposure. Not only will you be protecting your organ of sight, but also the skin and nerves surrounding it. Do not invest in a see-through piece, instead, try polarized and anti-reflective lenses to reduce glare. 


Going To Bed With Makeup On

If you think removing makeup from the skin and not eyes will suffice, you need to think again. Your eyes are way more sensitive than the skin. A lot of product goes inside and we also torture the eyelid and the skin around with brushes, tissues, and whatnot. After all this,  if you sleep with eyes products on, what do you think will be the impact? The makeup will get into the cornea (the front part of the eye) and will cause infections and redness. Never forget to clean your eyes before sleeping, especially with natural cleansers, the chemical-infused ones are way more dangerous.

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Sleeping With Contact Lenses 

There are several studies that suggest not using contact lenses way too often, as it can have severe repercussions. So, we don’t need to actually tell you how harmful it can be to sleep wearing them. Yes, removing lenses is very hectic and when one is tired, it is the last thing anyone will be willing to do. But, besides all, you must take it off, because the lenses block oxygen from reaching your cornea and may cause a bacterial eye infection.

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