All relationship requires trust, patience, commitment and nurturing. While people with anxiety have all these qualities in abundance, they often tend to ruin things between them and their partners because of certain insecurities. Anxiety can act differently for everyone. Sometimes a person can keep carrying negative thoughts for long in their own head, while others may quickly part their ways, wondering about adverse consequences. 

The important point here is not all the following can be relevant for every relationship. However, knowing about the signs of anxiety can help individuals to remedy the situation and lead a joyous relationship with their loved ones. 

Negative Self-Talk

self talk

Regular negative self-talk is different from the one that an individual does once in a while. Everyone can feel low due to failures or fights, but if you keep giving yourself negative pep-talk even when things are fine in your life, it’s a sign that you have relationship anxiety. 

While for many standing in front of a mirror and filling brains with positivity act as a confidence booster, for people with anxiety it’s a way to talk themselves out of a situation, assuming that things in future might go wrong. Also, staying constantly around negativity can make living harder, therefore curbing it with professional help can prevent mental health issues. 



If you are one of those who have parted ways with most partners for reasons like, we are not meant for each other, we have nothing in common, he is too different, he will find someone better, etc then you have the issue of self-sabotaging yourself. 

Some other signs of this relationship anxiety include cancelling dates, not showing up on occasions, not replying to text or picking calls is all indication of self-sabotage. You might have these signs because of several reasons. Either it can be because of major heartbreaks or some bad experiences. This habit can also keep you from having a good intimate relationship with a partner. 

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Expecting Bad Things To Happen


Stressing constantly about the future can take away your peace of mind. It can affect you in many ways. Starting from sleep problems to substance abuse in the worst scenarios, the habit of thinking negative constantly can cause several other problems. Here it is important to note that whatever you are thinking is not based on facts and that’s why can be unrealistic. 

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If you have recently started having this problem it’s wise to take professional help before it turns into a disorder. But, need not panic because it happens in worst scenarios and too because of constant neglect. If you are feeling that you are hampering your relationships because of certain habits, there is no harm in taking professional help or guidance.