More and more people are becoming well-versed with the term metabolism as they are turning health conscious. It is simply the process by which the body converts food and drink that we consume into energy. This happens through a biochemical process, wherein calories in food get mixed with oxygen. However, most of us are only paying attention to what we are supposed to do to boost metabolic rate and hence are ending up going overboard. Are you feeling that despite following the proper diet plan, and working out, you’re not able to burn the consumed calories? Doing things more than required can backfire and perhaps this is happening with you. Check out some of these common habits that are most probably responsible for your slow metabolism. 

Cutting Down Protein Intake

One thing that we all learn about health is that protein is an essential nutrient for our bodies to build bones and muscles. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that protein participates in practically every process of a cell. But, some people end up cutting down their protein intake. Protein is the element that helps to make you look toned, and burn more calories. Eliminating protein-rich foods from your diet can hamper muscle building capacity of the body. This especially is for those who work out on a regular basis. 

You’re Not Having Enough Sleep 

You’re Not Having Enough Sleep

Going late to bed and waking up early can turn out to be extremely harmful to your overall health. If you think only working out is important and not sleeping, then you must understand that being sleep deprived may be the reason your metabolism is slowing down. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary, anything less can cause several metabolic problems. You will burn fewer calories, and will feel less hungry. Eating less than you should has never helped anyone in losing weight. 

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You Only Munch On Chips 

Yes, we know you love your chips but it is not going to help you in building up a healthy body. It is one of those snacks that perhaps can affect your well-being. If you notice, chips are only to satisfy your taste buds and not your hungry body. Whereas, nuts or other healthy veggie snacks can give you a good amount of nutrients and energy at the same time. If you can't prepare vegetable snacks all the time, keep a handful of nuts around you. It will help to enhance the activity of certain genes that control fat burning, meaning that nuts may burn more calories than any other high-calorie snack, as per media reports. 

Your Workout Timing Is Way Too Long 

Your Workout Timing Is Way Too Long

Most people think the longer you work out, the better your metabolism rate is likely to be. Contrary to this, the shortest workouts may benefit most and in the best way possible, as per health reports. Also, an Australian study stated that shorter duration workout helped women lose more weight. However, such workouts are only supposed to be high-intensity workouts. The reason behind this is that high-intensity workouts continue burning calories for a longer duration.

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You Don’t Eat After Working Out 

The body gets exhausted and runs out of fuel after working out. Even when you don’t feel hungry after exercising you should munch on some healthy snacks. You don’t want the muscles to be vulnerable throughout the day. While working out the muscles experience wear and tear, in order to repair them well to form new strands your body needs fuel. And that's why consuming the right nutrients within a limited time help your muscles recover properly. Something that is essential for increasing metabolism. 

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