Few months before my wedding day, I planned a proper gym schedule and diet plan which could help me shed all the extra kilos. After all, it was my D-day and I wanted to look the best. However, soon after my wedding, I started to gain weight. A year later, today, I am about 5-7 kgs overweight. Is it just me or did you also gain weight after your marriage? Well, if just like me, you are wondering what made you gain weight then here are some common reasons behind it. 

Eating Out Almost Everyday

eating out everdyay

Newlywed couples usually eat outside, relatives, and friends throw parties and this becomes like an everyday routine. It is rare that you have homecooked meals and often go to restaurants with friends and family. This becomes one big reason behind weight gain after marriage. 

Preparing Fat-Rich Foods

After marriage, a lot of women try their hand in cooking and most of them end up cooking foods like cakes, pizzas, and burgers at home, especially to please their husbands during the early days of marriage. In order to impress their partner or family members, most women ignore the health factor and such foods are consumed daily, which eventually leads to weight gain. 

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Being Physically Inactive

Be honest, how many of you stopped working out post marriage? During the early days, you want to spend all the time with your partner and be at home or travel somewhere. All this while, you hardly get time to work out or go for a walk outside. This affects your health negatively and makes you gain weight. 

First Pregnancy

first pregnancy

A lot of women gain weight if they plan a baby immediately after marriage. Pregnancy cravings make you eat more fatty foods, this is common among first-time mothers. 

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How To Prevent Weight Gain After Marriage?

Go For A Walk Together

You may not feel like going to the gym and train for hours. An easy way to keep your body moving is by going for a walk everyday. If you have a habit of waking up early in the morning, go for a walk with your partner or you can go for a walk at night after your dinner. 

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Join A Yoga Class 

If you don't wish to step out of the house then join a virtual yoga class. Due to the pandemic, virtual learning has become a new thing and it would be great if you could do it everyday, even for 30 minutes. You can ask your partner to join you and make the activity more fun. 

Check What You Eat

While you are enjoying spending time with your partner, going for dates everyday, make sure you check on the things you are feeding yourself. Avoid fatty foods as much as you can and pick healthy meal options. First try to avoid eating outside as much as you can, even if you go, make sure you make healthier choices. Instead of ordering pizzas, you can try salads, soups, or even healthy sandwiches. When picking desserts, try to go for frozen yogurt instead of ice creams which are packed with added sugars. 

Working out everyday for even 30 minutes can help you transform your physical health. Also, diet plays a key role here. Make sure you are fueling your body with all the essential vitamins and nutrients and not just sticking to fatty foods which make you gain weight. Doing it together can really work like magic. For more health-related stories, stay tuned!