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    HZ Exclusive: Sakshi Bakshi Shares Secrets To A Healthy Lifestyle

    Sakshi Bakshi (Nucros founder) shares a few secrets to a healthy life in an exclusive chat with Hz.
    Published -18 Oct 2021, 15:59 ISTUpdated -18 Oct 2021, 16:12 IST
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    Coming from a background of healthcare and doctors, Sakshi Bakshi started a Delhi NCR based brand, Nucros Science and taste in 2020 where she helps people to realise their health goals with no compromise on taste or variety.

    She combines the latest nutrition science with natural ingredients for meal plans to help achieve dietary goals. Bhavishya Bir from Hz team had an exclusive chat with her where she shared several health secrets.

    What is your brand Nucros all about?

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    We are basically trying to make people healthier through this. We use food to help you achieve your health goals. We do not believe in relying on any kind of medicine to achieve your health goals. We help women who have PCOS, who are new mothers, who have thyroid, who want to manage weight and many more to reach their respective objective without any medication.

    How has Covid impacted the dietary needs of an individual?

    Due to the pandemic, people have realised the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They have understood that it is important to have a strong immune system. Now, they know the power of several superfoods and they have started to include it in their diets.

    With the pandemic, we have gotten several requests from people who were not only looking to boost their immunity but also manage their overall health. Covid actually worked in our favour and we were able to help out them.

    Since most of us are working from home and not doing much physical activity, what exercises would you recommend?

    The biggest problem is living a sedentary lifestyle during this time. Therefore, it is important to get after every 30 minutes and just take a quick walk. This way you can disengage your eyes and refresh yourself. This is not only for your physical health but it is also important for your health.

    Other than this, a person should walk for 30 - 60 minutes every day. Along with this, we recommend some strengthening exercises for your muscles.

    As you know, keto is a trend right now. So, do you actually recommend it? Is it really beneficial?

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    It is definitely a medically recommended diet. It is highly recommended if you are suffering from diabetes or epilepsy. However, if you are planning to go for this, it is necessary to look at your blood parameters beforehand and it should be done under expert supervision only.

    What are the ways that a person can assess their health at home?

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    Health is something that comes in two formats. One is obviously body health. Second is your mental health. So, when we are talking about health.

    So, to assess your health at home, the first thing you need to do is assess your BMI.

    What kind of seeds do you recommend for daily consumption?

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    Seeds have surely become popular due to their health benefits. However, a person should consider feasibility and affordability. For any kind of nuts and seeds, there are also alternatives that can give you the same benefits.

    In fact, all kinds of seeds including chia, sunflower, pumpkin, etc are good sources of proteins and Omega - 3 fatty acids. So, it is recommended to add all of those in your diet.

    The best way to consume these is to blend a fruit, a vegetable along with some nuts and seeds into a smoothie and drink it as your breakfast everyday.

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    What is the best way to detox in a healthy manner?

    Detox depends upon what you are going through. In our detox programme, we remove all processed foods and recommend eating only what is natural. This means you can’t consume rice, bread, chapati, sugar, dairy, and many more. We usually recommend starting the day with oil pulling.

    However, it is customised according to a person. Also, it is not only about the food but overall habits.

    People also turn towards juice cleanse which is not recommended by me as it leads to a lot of muscle loss. I usually recommend adding nuts and seeds.

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    As you have just celebrated an year anniversary, what is your plan for the next year?

    We have a couple of plans for the coming year. We are already doing blood test monitoring and now, we also have a DNA based diet. Apart from this, we are also planning some new products for diabetes, PCOS and more. We are also looking to expand our space.  

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