Radish or mooli is one of the most loved winter vegetables. This root vegetable is widely consumed all across the country in the form of different food preparations during the winter season. 

Radish paratha, salad, curries, this crunchy veggie is used in different ways. Not just for its distinct flavour, this vegetable is also consumed for its amazing health benefits. Radish is packed with the goodness of fiber, potassium which is great for our overall health. 

If you haven't been adding radish to your daily diet this winter season then here are a few reasons why you should. 

Improves Immunity

Radish has a high content of vitamin C present in it which is known to boost our immune system. Consuming radish helps in preventing common health problems like cold and cough. It prevents the free radicals in your body to damage your cells and also prevents early ageing of your body. 

Good For Digestion

radish for digestion

High in fibre, radish is great for your digestive system. It helps in improving your digestion by promoting bile production, leading to a smooth bowel movement. It is also beneficial in treating problems like obesity, gas, nausea among others. 

Prevents Cancer

Radish has compounds that fight cancer-causing substances in the body and prevent the development of tumours in the body. Eating radish everyday can help prevent oral, colon, kidney, and stomach cancer. 

Keeps You Hydrated

During winters, we all tend to drink less water and it makes our body dehydrated. Radish has high water content and having it helps you stay hydrated all day. Munching on some radish in the morning also helps you stay active all day. 

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Detoxifies Blood

radish red for health

You need to detoxify your body every now and then to keep your liver and stomach healthy. Having radishes can be helpful in cleansing your liver and stomach as it detoxifies them. It also increases the supply of fresh oxygen to the blood. 

Helps In Weight Loss

Due to its high fibre content, radish makes a good vegetable for weight loss. It keeps you full for longer and prevents you from overeating or munching on snacks between meals. Also, radish doesn't have many calories which makes it a great food for losing weight

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Keeps Heart Healthy

Radish is a source of anthocyanins which is great for your heart health. Vitamin C, folic acid, and flavonoids present in it are also beneficial for your heart. It helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

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Regulates Blood Pressure

Consuming radish on a regular basis helps in controlling the blood pressure of the body. Radish has potassium which keeps the blood flow in control. It is a great vegetable for anyone suffering from hypertension. Radish is also known to have a cooling effect on the blood. 

Adding Radish To Your Daily Diet

radish daily diet

There are different ways you can make this crunchy vegetable a part of your daily diet. The easiest way is having a radish salad with your regular meal. Preparing mooli or radish parathas is another good option. You can also prepare radish chutney or make a warm bowl of radish soup. Adding grated radish to your regular sandwich is also a good option. 

Do make radish a part of your daily diet for its amazing health benefits. For more stories related to health, stay tuned!