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    Mira Kapoor's Morning Routine Has This 2 Ingredient Drink, Read Benefits

    Mira Kapoor's everyday morning routine consists of 3 things that help her stay active and healthy.
    Published -18 Aug 2021, 10:13 ISTUpdated -18 Aug 2021, 12:13 IST
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    Mira Rajput Kapoor is more than a celebrity wife. She is a social media infuencer, beauty afficionado and a fitness enthusiast. 

    Those who follow her on social media would agree when I say that her content is not just engaging but handy. She keeps sharing her tried and tested tips and tricks with her Instagram family on a regular basis. 

    She recently took to her Instagram handle and shared three things that are a part of her everyday morning routine. 

    Mira Kapoor's Everyday Morning Routine

    Mira Kapoor in her post shared that there are 3 things that she does after waking up. 

    12 rounds of Anulom Vilom

    Anulom Volim is a breathing practice in yoga. It involves holding one nostril closed while inhaling and then holding the other one closed while exhaling. This pranayama is reversed and repeated a couple of times.

    Mira Kapoor in her post shared that for her the 12 rounds of Anulom Vilom are like 3 espresso shots but without jitters. She shared that it gets one mentally ready for the day, calm, rejuvenated, and wakes up the brain. 

    Posture Correction Exercises

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    The celebrity influencer further shared that she does posture correction exercises and it has helped her change the way she stands and carries herself. Mira Kapoor shared that she does simple stretches and holds to open up her shoulders, neck, traps, and chest especially after sleeping all curled up. She shared that it helps with blood flow and helps dissolve puffiness. 

    Drink Raisin And Saffron Water

    Lastly, Mira Kapoor shared that she has been drinking raisin and saffron water for the last 3 years and it is something that every woman should do. 

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    How To Make Raisin And Saffron Water?

    Soak 5 raisins and a strand of saffron in 1/4 cup of water. 

    Drink/eat it the first thing in the morning. She shared that this one is a tried and tested drink for her. She follows it with drinking warm water or one can drink up anything they prefer. 

    Benefits Of Drinking Raisin And Saffron Water

    Mira Rajput Kapoor shared that drinking raisin and saffron water helps with hormonal balancing, pain-free periods, acne, and PMS. 

    Soaked Raisin Benefits 

    Many nutritionists suggest that consuming soaked raisins is healthier than having regular raisins because the body absorbs all the nutrients present in them. 

    Help In Weight Loss

    raisin saffron water

    If you are on a weight loss journey then you should add soaked raisins to your diet. They contain natural sugar and help you satiate your sweet cravings without making you consume extra calories. You can also have them as a snack as they are filling and healthy. 

    Good For The Bones

    Soaked raisins are packed with the goodness of calcium and micronutrients which are beneficial for your bones. Consuming soaked raisins everyday will help you strengthen your bones and muscles. 

    Prevents Anemia 

    Anemia is a common health issue women face today. Raisins are rich in copper, iron, and vitamin V which all help cure anemia. Consuming soaked raisins also helps in increasing the production of red blood cells in the body which helps in treating the health issue as they improve the level of hemoglobin in the body. 

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    Improves Digestion

    Soaked raisins are rich in fibre and they help in improving our digestion. So, adding soaked raisins to your diet will help you keep any digestion-related issues at bay. 

    Saffron Benefits

    Prevents Cancer

    Saffron has a compound called crocin which is useful in killing different types of cancer cells in the body. 

    Cures Cough/Cold

    Saffron is a great natural remedy for common cold and cough. Adding a handful of saffron strands to warm water and drinking it can help provide a lot of relief from cold and cough. 

    Treats Urinary Infection

    Urinary infection is a common health issue. Adding saffron to your diet can help. Saffron is known to purify the blood and keeps the urinary tract clean and infection-free, this further prevents any infection. 

    Prevents Diabetes

    Saffron can help you prevent diabetes because it raises the level of insulin in the body. 

    Though Mira Kapoor shared that she has tried and tested all the three things that are a part of her morning routine, it is best that you consult your doctor before making them a part of your day if you are undergoing any medical issues. 

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