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5 Ayurvedic Herbs You Should Start Consuming For Wellness If Working From Home

Take care of your wellness while at home by adding healthy Ayurvedic ingredients to your daily diet.
Published -12 Oct 2021, 09:00 ISTUpdated -12 Oct 2021, 09:33 IST
 ayruvedic herbs diet for health

A lot of us are still working from home due to the pandemic. Working from home, spending hours and hours sitting in one place, indulging in no physical activity has harmed both our mental and physical health all this while. 

Backache, headache, cold, cough, fatigue are some common health issues we all working professionals have been facing commonly. 

Even after facing such health issues, many of us fear stepping outside because of the risk of getting infected with the deadly virus. While we keep ignoring a lot of health issues, some can turn severe and harm us in the long run. 

There are some easy ways, some healthy Ayurvedic herbs which can do wonders for our health. A lot of us turned to Ayurveda after the pandemic hit us but if you are still new to natural treatments, this guide is for you. 

Mr. Vikas Chawla, Founder and Director, Vedas Cure shared a list of Ayurvedic herbs with us which can be helpful in treating a lot of common health problems. Read on. 

1. Fennel seeds (Saunf)

Fennel seeds are easily found in every Indian kitchen. Regularly we use fennel seeds as a post-food refreshment but do you know these seeds have antibacterial effects? Other than consuming it post meals, they can be consumed in many other ways. Adding fennel seeds or saunf in the preparation of our regular dishes, baking goods is a good idea to add them to your daily diet.

2. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

amla indian gooseberry ayurveda

Indian gooseberry has numerous health benefits. Right from your hair to skin to health, it can do wonders. It increases your hair growth and is effective in improving your eyesight. Amla acts as an antioxidant and improves your immune function as it’s a rich source of Vitamin C. Indian gooseberry also cures problems related to the liver as well and helps in your daily digestion. There are different ways you can add amla to your diet - amla juice, raw amla, amla pickle, amla detox water. 

3. Cardamom (Elaichi)

cardamom ayurvedic herbs

Elaichi is another common spice used in our kitchens. It is commonly found in big and small sizes. Both have their own health benefits. Cardamom or elaichi is quite beneficial for common cough and cold. It is  commonly used in the powder form in the preparation of teas and other recipes. Have you heard about cardamom oil? Cardamom oil helps in killing bacteria and fungi. Having cardamom in your daily food improves your heart function and cure oral cavities and gum diseases.

4. Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric or haldi is another regular spice in the kitchen. Turmeric has the medicinal property that helps us heal from inside and outside. It helps in relieving the joint pain, inflammation, headache, especially migraine. It also works as a natural blood purifier. You can have turmeric milk if you have fever. Haldi helps in improving immunity and it also benefits in skin-related problems.

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5. Cinnamon (Dalchini)

cinnamon ayurvedic herbs

Cinnamon is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Its amazing properties  prevent oxidative damage. Cinnamon is a stem commonly found in sticks and powder form. It improves your metabolism and digestion. It helps in reducing the blood sugar level even increases blood flow. Cinnamon usually lasts for 9-12 months if kept in an air-tight container. Always try to have fresh cinnamon in your food as the fresher it is the better it is.

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Your diet plays a key role when it comes to your health. Make sure you consume a healthy diet and add immunity boosting foods to your routine to ensure a healthy living. 

Though these Ayurvedic herbs can completely transform your health, make sure you consult a doctor before adding them to your diet if undergoing a health treatment. For more such health related stories, stay tuned!

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