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Getting In A Flight Gives You Anxiety? Here Are Some Things That May Help!

Give your anxiety a break with these hacks as you plan your next flight vacation! 
Ways for Plane Flight Anxiety

Do you sweat when you think of catching a flight? You may not be the only one. While many people end up reaching the airport super early for their flight, here’s all that you can do to give your anxiety a break while you fly to your destination! 

Skip Coffee And Wine On Your Trip 

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It is best to avoid both caffeine and alcohol, as they can leave you feeling dehydrated during the flight, as well as worsen your anxiety issues. Nervous fliers should avoid a pre-flight alcoholic beverage since alcohol can also make it harder for your body to adjust to being in the air and bring on a jet lag. 

It is better to opt for water and a light meal pre-flight or carry along a light snack like carrot sticks, nuts, or an apple to keep you feeling full.

Familiarize Yourself With Plane Noises 

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A plane makes a variety of noises throughout its journey. Every noise may make you feel a little anxious. While the plane is landing, you may hear and feel a different vibration wherein you might feel that the small tires may just blast or rip off. 

Sometimes all it takes to battle anxiety is a little information. Read up on the usual bumps and noises that may occur during a flight. It also helps to understand just how rigorous safety measures are for an aircraft. 

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Relaxation Techniques 

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Deep breathing is a very important technique that helps your body relax in tough situations. keep breathing triggers a comforting response and can help to prevent hyperventilation. Try to maintain a relaxed posture as well, and not cling to the chair's armrests, since this can boost any anxiety you may be feeling.

When you feel jitters coming on, start by employing a minor relaxant, such as sipping chamomile or peppermint tea. Doing the things you associate with being calm and content will help remind you to remain calm as you fly. 

Let The People Around You Know 

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It is always a better idea to let the people around you know the anxiety you may face through the journey. Flight attendants have been trained in situations like these and tend to pay special attention to you throughout the flight. 

You can also talk to people sitting next to you about the same. Though they may not be trained, experiences make a person better with time. They could be of good help to you and can keep you distracted from all the talking. 

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Distract Yourself 

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While traveling by plane, it is always a good idea to carry some entertainment with you. You can go for books, or have some movies downloaded to your iPad or phone. Many planes also provide you with a screen and a collection of movies to select from throughout your trip. 

If movies are not your thing, you can find pleasure in listening to music. Apps allow you to download music and listen to them in airplane mode. 

A flight may be a good time for you to finish your office work too! Though you may not have access to the internet, you can finish your work that requires more of your input than from the internet. 

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