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    Why You Should Practice Deep Breathing Everyday

    Deep breathing or belly breathing has some amazing benefits for your respiratory health and overall well being. Here is why you should make it a part ...
    Updated at - 2020-06-15,13:09 IST
    deep breathing health benefits

    The number of times we breathe through the day is uncountable but do we ever pay attention to the way we are breathing? Not many of us. It is very important to breathe properly for our overall well being. Through the day, do you ever take out some time and practice some deep breathing? Deep breathing is great for our health. It involves inhaling deeply through the nose till the lungs fill with hair and then we exhale through the mouth. Many of you may not know but with times, the muscles of our respiratory system become weak and this can lead to shortness of breath and other health problems. 

    Deep breathing has some amazing benefits for our health, from improving our respiratory system to detoxifying our body, it can do wonders. Read on to know. 

    Improves Respiratory System

    deep breathing respiratory problems

    Deep breathing helps in releasing tension in the diaphragm. It provides you relief from respiratory issues like asthma and breathlessness. It also helps in releasing tension in your muscles and chest. 

    Increases Blood Flow In The Body

    When we inhale and exhale slowly, the process of deep breathing helps in removing toxins from the body. It further helps in increasing the blood flow in the body which is great for our overall health. 

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    Good For Digestion

    When you breathe deep, the blood flows in your digestive tract increases. This is a good way to improve digestion. Deep breathing helps you treat bowel syndrome and digestive issues like constipation. 

    Detoxifies Body

    deep breathing healthy life

    When we exhale, carbon dioxide, which is a natural toxic waste in our body comes out. Deep breathing helps in expelling this waste from the body, which is important to keep away health problems. This process helps in detoxifying your body. 

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    Works Like A Natural Pain Killer

    Deep breathing makes the body release endorphins which makes you feel good. This helps in giving you relief from pain in the body and acts as a natural pain killer. 

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    Improves Your Body Posture

    When you sit back, fold your legs and inhale deep, you straighten your body posture. Deep breathing makes you fill the air in the lungs and this straightens your spine. 

    Relaxes Mind 

    breathing deep health

    When you are tensed, stressed, or angry, your muscles get tight and breathing gets irregular. This is why it is advised to deep breathe during these times. Deep breathing increases the flow of oxygen in the body. It makes your mind and body relaxed and calm.

    Guide To Deep Breathe Properly 

    It is very important to know how to deep breathe properly. Deep breathing is done through the abdomen which is why it is also known as belly breathing. 

    Start inhaling from your nose, expand the belly and chest. Hold for 5 seconds and then exhale from mouth slowly. Deep breathing for 10 minutes everyday helps you improve your overall well being. 

    To enjoy the benefits of deep breathing, you should practice it everyday. For more health-related stories, stay tuned.

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