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    All You Need To Know About Relationship Counseling

    We all face problems in our relationships, therefore here's all you need to know about relationship counseling and why you should try it.
    Updated at - 2021-04-12,17:05 IST
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    All of us are engulfed in a web of relationships and sometimes they become very hard to handle. They overwhelm us so much and occupy a large chunk of our thoughts, this, in turn, affects our mental health and our characters. That is why it is believed that a person is just a reflection of his/her surroundings. So, just like when our health becomes an issue for us, and we have to consult a doctor for it, similarly, when our relationships become a mess, we must consult a relationship advisor or counselor in that case. Here is all about relationship counseling and why you should try it.

    What Is Relationship Counseling?

    relationship counselling

    Relationship counseling is the process of advising two parties dealing with differences and having troubles to come at par. The efforts involve helping

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    both parties summarize their issues, and manage them effectively in order to live their lives in harmony. 

    This may also require the family members to be present so that they can help the advisor/counselor understand the issue in depth.  Relationship counseling can take place between members of a family, friends, two employees at a workplace, and any kind of relationship.  Marriage counseling is when the two parties are facing issues in their marriage, which could be both before marriage or post the marriage. Here are some different steps involved in relationship counseling.

    Relationship Therapy

    Relationship therapy is a process after going through which the counselor is able to help the two parties concerned.  In this therapy, the counselor goes through all your relationship history individually, understand s and builds his/her theory on the triggers and the factors that raised issues, what concerns each of the parties and then what measures can be taken in order to make the life and the relationship healthier and happier.


    Marriage Counseling

    relationship counselling

    It is a very advanced method to determine your compatibility with your future partner(check these things before marriage). The marriage counselor understands the psychic of both the parties and judging their personality, traits, and behavioral patterns bases his decision on whether or not the two of you are meant to be together.

    Postmarital counseling is similar to relationship counseling, the advisor figures out the problems that the two parties are facing, the history, triggers, and the emotional setbacks and chalks out a proper plan of action, following which your relationship with your partner may get better. Below are some important reasons why you should try relationship counseling.

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    Reasons To See A  Relationship Counselor

    relationship counselling

    Sometimes our relationships could be in peril just because we fail to understand simple things and we could end up losing some very important people in our lives because of that. Check out some reasons why you should not give up and try relationship counseling for sure.

    • Like we said, poor communication can be a big reason for failing relationships. Every individual is different and his way of understanding and expressing things can be different too, this becomes a major issue when people don't interpret the thing that their companion is trying to do or say. That is why you need a neutral perspective of a counselor.
    • Holding things of the past may also turn out to be very bad for your present and future relationships. A counselor may guide you to grow a stronger psychic and thus bloom in your new relationships leaving behind the past.
    • Other factors could be finances, grudges, reoccurring issues, unfaithfulness, distrust, etc. Therefore you must not shy away from seeing a relationship counselor.

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