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    Diwali Special: Some Important Diwali Rituals That You Should Know About

    Diwali is the biggest festival in India. It brings joy and eliminates the darkness from our lives. Here are some Diwali rituals you must know about.
    Published -30 Oct 2020, 13:49 ISTUpdated -03 Nov 2021, 18:30 IST
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    Diwali is one of the major festivals in our country. It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating the demonic Ravana for kidnapping goddess Sita. The entire city was decorated with diyas by the people who loved Lord Rama very dearly and there was light everywhere. So, Diwali or Deepawali is celebrated to spread light and chase the darkness away from our lives. 

    Similarly, there are a lot of rituals that the festival is celebrated with, if you do those rituals, it is believed that the special grace of Goddess Laxmi will be bestowed upon you and your family. Check out some Diwali/Pre-diwali rituals and their significance and try to do them with spirit and positivity and who knows, if you land up being that special devotee goddess Laxmi chooses to shower her choicest blessings upon.

    Lighting Chaumukhi Diyas


    Have you seen that diya with four corners? Those diyas are to place 4 wicks inside it and are available mostly around the diwali time. It is said that burning a Chaumukhi diya helps in removing darkness from all the directions of your home and your life. The chaumukhi diya is lighted up from Dhanteras to BhaiDuj every evening, especially to welcome Goddess Laxmi and happiness, prosperity, and harmony along with her.

    Buying Precious Metals On Dhanteras


    We all know that it is important to buy gold or precious metal on Dhanteras and offer it to Lord Kuber - the god of wealth. It is believed that if you offer gold or precious metal to Lord Kuber on the day of Dhanteras, then from this day onwards, your family and home start gaining good wealth, gold, and other assets. Even if you offer a small nose pin, it is the effort that matters in the end, if you can’t buy gold, then you can also buy a small silver utensil and offer prasad to Lord Kuber. And your home will be full of happiness, wealth, and good luck.

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    Making Rangoli On Diwali


    Apart from lighting up diyas, the people of Ayodhya also made colourful rangolis to express their joy and happiness on the return of their true king. Therefore, it is a very important ritual to make rangoli on diwali, for one, it accentuates the decorations and radiates positivity around. Earlier rangolis were made out of edible spices of different colours so that small insects and ants can eat those spices too. Diwali is about celebrating the entrance of positivity in your life and bid adieu to all the darkness and negativity that has been troubling you for so long. This is why, since ancient times, it was extremely important to share the joy and that helps you in doubling yours too.

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    Making Kajal On Laxmi Puja

    Did you know that it is vital to make kajal during Laxmi Puja? Kajal is made during Laxmi Puja by using a kachha diya and lighting up a diya beneath it. The fumes of the diya accumulate over the surface of the kachha diya and kajal is formed. This kajal is first offered to the Gods and then is advisable to apply it in the eyes of your family members, over your locker, and the entry door of your house. This kajal keeps away the negative energies and renders an abundance of happiness and light in your life. 

    So, don’t forget to do these rituals this diwali, this will help you get the grace of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi(make eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi). So, Happy Diwali in advance!

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