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Suffering From Nerve Pain? Expert Shares Easy Home Remedies

If you suffer from nerve pain regularly, try these home remedies suggested by expert.   
Published -18 Feb 2022, 16:47 ISTUpdated -18 Feb 2022, 17:06 IST
nerve pain expert tips home remedies

Nerve pain is common and can disturb our everyday routine. Also known as neuropathic pain, nerve pain is a health condition which affects the nerves that carry sensations to our pain. If you suffer from nerve pain, you know the pain feels a lot different from regular pain and can get unbearable at times. 

Some common symptoms of nerve pain are having a shooting pain or burning sensation in the affected area. For the worse cases, it can feel like an electric shock to the body. Those who suffer from nerve pain are sensitive to certain kinds of touch which can result in pain, for instance, something cold. 

Nerve pain can range from mild pain to severe pain and the pain can get worse by night. There are different reasons which can cause nerve pain. 

Nerve Pain Causes 

Nerve pain occurs when there is a problem in your central nervous system, brain, and spinal cord. It can also happen when the nerves between muscles and organs have some problem. Some common causes of nerve pain are - 

  • Injury to the brain, spine, or nerves
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Certain medication
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 or B1
  • Less blood supply to the nerves
  • Diabetes
  • Heart stroke
  • Trapped nerves
  • Infections

There can be many other reasons behind your nerve pain. While there are many ways to treat nerve pain, one can try home remedies if the pain isn't severe. We spoke to Ayurvedic expert Abrar Multaniand asked him to share some easy and effective home remedies for nerve pain. Read on to know. 

Use Rock Salt While Taking Shower

rock salt nerve pain

Rock salt can be beneficial in treating nerve pain. The salt is loaded with magnesium which has a soothing effect on your nerve pain caused by sciatica. Do you know, magnesium isn't naturally made in our body? Thus, adding rock salt to your bathing water is a great way to let your body enjoy the benefit of magnesium.

Add 2 cups of rock salt to your bathing water. Mix well. Once the salt completely dissolves, soak in the painful area in it for about 30 minutes. This will help relieve your pain. 

Add Turmeric To Your Diet

turmeric diet for nerve pain

Haldi or turmeric has medicinal properties which is why it holds such an important place in Ayurveda. This regular spice found in our kitchens is believed to be beneficial in treating nerve pain. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which can help in easing out nerve pain. 

The easiest way to use turmeric for nerve pain is by adding it to your daily diet. Add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder to a glass of milk. Also, add in a pinch of black pepper powder. Stir and drink this milk hot. Repeat this once a day for a week to see results. 

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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can help treat a lot of health issues including nerve pain. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium which are all essential to get relief from nerve pain. Also, apple cider vinegar is an anti-inflammatory agent which helps in dealing with nerve pain. 

In a glass of warm water, add 2-3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Add 1 tsp of honey to add taste. Mix well and drink this decoction two times a day for a week to reduce nerve pain. 

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Use Hot And Cold Compress

This is yet another effective remedy for nerve pain. Using a hot and cold compress on the painful area is one of the best ways to reduce nerve pain. A warm compress helps in bringing more blood to the affected area and reducing stiffness and muscle spasms. However, a hot compress should not be used for the first 48 hours after an injury or pain. 

Using a cold compress helps numb the painful area and reduce swelling. Using a hot and cold pack on the painful area will help reduce swelling and loosen up the muscles. This will help subside the pain. 

For a hot compress, use a heating pad or any other type of hot compress. An ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables can be used for a cold compress. In both cases, a cloth should be wrapped around the compress and then used. Avoid using the compress directly. 

Other Remedies For Nerve Pain

nerve pain

The expert further shared that there are many other remedies to treat nerve pain. 

Do Exercise Regularly

According to many studies, doing stretching exercises and yoga can help reduce nerve pain. Regular exercising can help keep the muscles strong. Strength training for sciatica nerve pain can help reduce nerve pain and increase muscle flexibility and balance. 

Consume Vitamin B

Vitamin B is crucial for our health. Consuming vitamin B helps in forming red blood cells and keeps bones and nerves healthy. It is vitamin B deficiency that commonly causes nerve pain. To prevent nerve pain, add vitamin B foods to your diet including eggs, milk, and other dairy products. 

As aforementioned, if the nerve pain is severe, one shouldn't rely on home remedies and consult a doctor to know about the underlying condition and get it treated immediately. 

If you have any other questions related to nerve pain, write to us on our Facebook page and we will get them answered for you. For more such health-related stories, stay tuned! 


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