At some point of time in life we all try tonics, remedies, skipping ropes, and other such things just in order for our height to grow more. We don’t really know if these things really work out for you or not because even if our height grows there will be people telling you needless things that can promote height growth. And to be very honest, more than half of those claims and remedies do not work. 

In fact, this whole topic is engulfed by so many popular notions that are absolutely baseless and scientifically incorrect.  That is why we are here to debunk those myths and unveil the real facts in front of you. So, read on to find out more about this.

Myth 1: Height Depends On Your Genes

myths about height

It is widely believed that your genes determine your height and if your parents are tall, only then you too will turn out to be tall. It is true that genes do play an important role in your height but believing that it is the sole factor affecting your height, is wrong.  In addition to the genes, there are other things like a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, proper exercise, right posture, hormonal balance, and sound sleep that are important factors affecting your height.

Myth 2: You Stop Growing Tall After Puberty

myths about height

This is perhaps the most common myth that everyone has heard. Well, this is again an absolutely baseless notion. The fact is that puberty doesn’t stop your growth, the decreased rate of growth hormones do. If you have a sufficient production of growth hormones(how to stabilize your hormones) even after puberty, you will grow tall. Even girls after menstruation can grow tall.

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Myth 3: Lifting Weights May Obstruct Your Growth 

myths about height

Exercises help the body and spine to stretch and grow and do not affect your height. However, shoulder presses and squats, and other such exercises involve the compression of the spine.  The compression of the spine will in turn be responsible for a stunted growth. Therefore if you are looking forward to growing more height you can do more of those exercises that involve the expansion of the spleen and this can help you increase your height.

Myth 4: Height Surgery Is Safe

Height surgery involves the installation of a lengthening device between your bones to help them grow longer. This surgery for one is super costly, and for two, it is super risky. Artificial implantations are not always great Such surgeries may result in Vascular diseases, neurological injuries, muscle contraction, joint pain, axial deviation, etc.

Myth 5: Coffee May Hinder Your Growth

The myth was afloat because the consumption of coffee (benefits of drinking coffee)can potentially disturb your sleep patterns due to the amount of caffeine present.   

And then as a result of that, the growth can be hindered. According to various researches and studies, it has been found that adults may have about 400 mg of caffeine per day whereas those under 18 years of age must not consume more than 100 mg of this beverage.  Therefore, if you wish to grow taller, all you have to do is practice a good posture, eat healthy, exercise, and keep your day to day life balanced.

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