If you have crossed the bar of 18 years but wish you were just one or two inches taller, here is the solution. Though a person’s height depends on genetics and nutrition, you can safely try these easy hacks to check what all works for you. With the right combination of the below given tips, you can easily increase your height, even if you are above the age of 18. 

Hanging Exercises

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You might have hung on the monkey bar at least once in your childhood. Your parents might have recommended you to hang down from a monkey bar, to increase your height. There is no rocket-science behind the connection between height and hanging. When you use your hands to hang, your whole bodyweight gets transferred to your arms. It straightens your back and strengthens your arm and back muscles. Hanging exercise not only improves your posture but also reduces spine compression. If you have a better posture, with a straight spine throughout the day, you will automatically feel the difference between your height.  


There are no magic foods available which will instantly shoot up your height. Instead, there are foods, when regularly and consistently consumed, can help in boosting your height over time. You must have heard about the goodness of milk and the benefits it reaps when it comes to height. Kids are usually advised to drink milk in sufficient quantities so that they gain holistic development. You must continue drinking milk even after you pass the age of 18, to keep your bones healthy and boost your growth hormones. Ashwagandha is another superfood which is known for boosting growth. This Ayurvedic herb enhances muscles and bone mass, which further leads to your growth. 

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Proper Sleep

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A good night’s sleep is linked to several health benefits, including height. Having an undisturbed sleep can add to your height by strengthening your spine. When you sleep, you not only give your body the much-needed rest but also straighten your back. This is the reason why you are at least one inch taller in the morning, as compared to night. Make sure you sleep in a proper posture, without a pillow under your back. You can keep a pillow under your head or knees while laying down in the straight position. It will stretch your spine and elongate it a bit, for the next day. 

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Balanced Diet

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A proper and balanced diet, along with the above-given tips can prove beneficial for increasing height. With growing age, it becomes all the more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try and inculcate all types of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your daily diet. Add at least 30 minutes of daily exercise in your daily routine. It will not only give you a break from your sedentary lifestyle but will also keep you active and agile. 

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None of the above tips can solely create a difference in your height. A right combination of the above tips, when practised consistently can help in improving your overall posture and height. 

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