In most women menopause begins in the late 40s or 50s. During the menopausal years, you may experience certain physical or emotional issues. It can be a sleeping problem or weight gain to feeling feverish, menopause brings along a lot of signs. These symptoms of menopause are not common to every woman. A lot of women don't even face any such symptoms. But if you face any of these symptoms, here is how you can deal with them. 

Hot Flashes

If you get every now and then during the menopausal stage and just can't take it anymore then here is how you can deal with it.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Hot flashes, make you sweat badly and this can make you dehydrated. 
  • Breathe slow and deep so that you can control your breathing and reduce the chance of a hot flash.
  • Avoid being at hot places as it can bring out more chances of a hot flash. 
  • Keep a check on your diet. Don't consume hot or spicy foods that make you suffer from a hot flash. 

Sleepless Nights


Insomnia is one thing that you will face both before and after your menopause. After sometime, the sleeplessness frustrates you badly. 

  • This may be because of your hot flashes, so try cooling your room before you go and sleep. It may help you sleep well. 
  • Try to meditate before you go to sleep. This will calm down your mind and help you sleep. 
  • Taking a bath will help you regulate your body temperature and make you feel more relaxed before sleep. Don't Miss Can Tulsi Help With Your Irregular Periods?

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Mood Swings 

Your hormonal changes will lead to mood swings and these have the power to spoil your entire day, your relationships and a lot more. Here is how you can deal with them:

  • Get into some physical activity. Doing some exercise will help you get your mood swings fixed. You can go for a walk, join an aerobics class or try yoga. 
  • Meditation is a great activity to calm your mind and mood. Everyday meditation can help you have a good mood all day. 

Weight Gain

weight gain menopause

Another great problem that monopause brings along is weight gain. Monopause adds to your weight and this further leads to a lot of other health problems. 

  • Walking is the best thing you can do during the monopausal phase. It helps you burn calories and doesn't require to put in much efforts. 
  • Add more healthy stuff to your diet. To lose your weight, you need to control your eating. You can't binge on oily or fatty foods. Have more healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

Every woman goes through the menopause phase and it brings a lot of changes in your life. If you want to lead a healthy and happy life even after the monopause phase then make sure that you don't ignore the menopause signs and rather work on them to avoid any problems.