It has been rightly said, 'Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.' We are all chained by unhealthy lifestyles and dull routines with our sleep patterns all disturbed and disrupted.  Everything is linked to our lifestyle, from our health to our productivity, everything runs on the basis of your sleep, food, and exercises. 

While you may be able to spend a good time in the gym, you would still feel like stealing a few more hours from the morning to sleep.  But let's tell you some benefits of rising early apart from being wealthy and wise.

Waking Up Early Ensures Better Gut Health 

Studies suggest that being an early riser significantly improves your gut health and makes the digestive system stronger. Waking up early in the morning and following a strict diet routine, doing enough physical activity throughout the day, and going back to back early rather than being a night owl means that the system gets enough time to function properly and your body will absorb nutrients more efficiently.

sleep Waking up early indeed stabilizes our overall metabolic function and in turn, our digestive system works more efficiently which significantly gets rid of health ailments related to the gut. Also, our gut health is directly linked to a number of other health factors causing the body to grow weak and function improperly, waking up early can help you to stay away from such risk. 

It Improves Your Mental Health

Research conducted across the globe suggests that waking up early and getting back to bed early in the night helps our body to get enough rest. Getting enough sleep is directly proportional to less physical and mental strain, our body rejuvenates itself if it gets enough sleep.

Early Risers Have Better Brain Function


Less strain or stress and restorative sleep rather than night This means that early risers have the ability to release anxiety and be more productive throughout the day. Waking up early on a habitual basis can significantly improve mental health and get rid of illnesses such as depression etc. A healthier mind means more productivity, a positive outlook on life, energy, and an overall joyful lifestyle. Lack of sleep and sleeping during the day can increase the risk of depression and psychological diseases. 

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It Provides Natural Healing And Regeneration

Once you get into the routine of waking up early in the morning after a rest full good night's sleep(have a sound sleep with these tips), your cells start to regenerate on their own. When our body is exposed to enough rest, i.e. 7-8 hours of sleep during the night, natural healing occurs. The body heals itself, all our vital organs including the skin cells rejuvenate themselves, hence our skin tends to look fresh and best in the morning after waking up early. Our body also gets enough time to heal any potential injuries or damage it may have incurred. So, it's best to wake up early in the morning in order to become and feel more healthy otherwise lack of proper rest leads to deteriorated health as well as a bad mood.

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Improves Your Productivity


Waking up early helps you in getting more productive and creative. When you wake up early your mind is aligned with the natural timings of nature and that is why you get more productive. You get even more time for yourself and this makes you happy(how to boost happiness hormones) from the inside. So, rise up early every day to be super active, healthy, and creative.

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