Crystals don't just look pretty when set into metal and worn as jewellery. They are said to have many healing qualities when kept the right way. They are said to have an energy that vibrates around you and some believe that they can attract wealth and calmness in your life as well. This is why you may have noticed that those who believe in spirituality and gemstone healing have a huge collection they maintain. This pandemic has not just affected economies of the world but also brought along a lot of negative energy with it. People are frustrated and mental stress has become a huge problem. So here are a few crystals that are believed to help in boosting your mood. 

Smoky Quartz

This stone is said to have healing energy and act as a shield against all that negative energy. It is believed that if you meditate with all your attention while holding on to it, it can help you identify the root issues and beliefs that have been holding you back off late or in life in general. It removes old energy and clears space for positivity. 



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This is a very pretty stone we wear a lot in our jewellery but did you know that is believed to be an energetic bridge between heaven and earth. It is said to have lucky properties. This is a stone coined as the stone of communication, so it might help you in putting words to your feelings and problems. It is best effective when given as a gift.   

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

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This stone is said to open the heart chakra which helps in opening you up and helping in forgiving others. It also encourages self-love so there is no harm in trying it out but do keep your mind and heart open. 


This is a stone for all those creative people out there. When you feel burnt out or a blockade then this stone is what you need. It helps in motivating you, bring in confidence, joy and remove the feeling of being stuck.



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This stone is for happiness and light. It encourages you in dreaming big and have a positive mind and outlook towards life. 

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This beautiful purple gemstone is high on spirituality and is said to help in opening the third eye and connect you to your intuition. Amethyst has a strong connection with psychic abilities. To utilise its energy, sit in a place you will not be disturbed with the stone in your hand and feel the insights flowing through.  Find a quiet place to sit uninterrupted with the stone in your hands and see if any new insights come through.

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This is one mystic looking stone that reflects the light and has light blue translucent hues. It is associated with feminine lunar energy. Keep it on your bedside to relax and channel your receptive and intuitive side before dozing off. 

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So go to a trusted source from where you can buy genuine stones and see which one calls you the most. Give it a try even if you do not believe in it but with an open heart and mind. Some people do find their strength in these crystals.


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