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    How To Treat Foot Corn, Remedies By Expert

    Foot corns need immediate attention if they turn painful.
    Updated at - 2022-12-13,18:32 IST
    foot corn pain

    Foot corns are quite common. They are thick, hard layers of our skin that develop when our skin tries to prevent itself against pressure. They are usually painful when pressed. If left untreated, these corns get harder, making it difficult for you to even walk. 

    Dermatologist, Dr. Aanchal recently took to her social media handle and shared some tips on how to treat and prevent the recurrence of corn. She wrote, "Corn are callosities or thickened skin which occur in areas of excessive pressure. Corn occur due to uneven distribution of pressure and body weight on the sole. It may also be due to to underlying bony abnormalities of foot leading to more pressure and weight bearing on one point."

    Common Causes Of Corns 

    Some common causes of foot corn are wearing uncomfortable shoes, lifting heavy weights, not wearing socks, and skipping regular foot care among others. 

    How To Treat Corn?

    corn treatment

    If not painful, corn caps which contain salicylic acid can help in softening the skin and reducing pain and discomfort.

    In the case of painful corn, one must see a dermatologist. The expert in her post wrote, "Using a corn cap for a few days can help in reducing the size so the skin which needs to be pared is less."

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    How To Prevent the Recurrence Of Corns?

    There isn't a permanent solution for corn. Recurrence of corn is quite common. The expert shared some easy-to-follow tips which can help prevent its recurrence. 

    corn care

    • Using a thick foot cream always helps. It helps reduce dryness and thick ending of the skin. Look for foot creams that have a thicker consistency instead of using lotions and gel creams. While hunting for foot creams, look for ingredients like urea and lactic acid or glycolic acid that are helpful with foot corn.
    • Avoid walking barefoot even at home. Make sure you are wearing a comfortable pair of footwear all the time.
    • While choosing your footwear, pick the ones with padding and support.
    • Avoid picking footwear like regular chappals or flats which don't come with supportive soles. 
    • If your corn is getting painful, get it removed as soon as possible. Corn surgeries usually don't take a lot of time. After giving local anesthesia, the surgeon would completely remove the corn. It can take six weeks to three months to fully recover after the corn removal surgery.

    While those having no medical history can try remedies at home before seeing a doctor, diabetics and people with other serious health issues should seek medical care if the corn becomes inflamed or painful and avoid self-treatment.






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