Pregnancy And Diabetes: Here Is How To Prevent Complications For Unborn Child

Diabetes and pregnancy together require a close watch on diet and health problems to avoid any complications for the newborn. Read on!

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diabetes and pregnancy

Diabetes refers to the high levels of blood sugar in the body. Women who are diabetic and pregnant often have concerns about the health of their unborn babies. Many pregnant women often question diet and exercises that can help them avoid complications during the gestation period.

With this article, we will discuss what diabetic women can do to ensure the health of their unborn children. We will discuss the diet and complications for the baby and the expecting mother. Let’s start!

Can Diabetic Women Get Pregnant?

According to a report in WebMD, women with diabetes certainly can get pregnant or plan a child. However, they just have to be cautious during the nine months of pregnancy to ensure the health of the unborn baby.

What Happens When A Diabetic Woman Gets Pregnant?

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Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder Of Freedom From Diabetes, says, “Heredity is one of the main causes of diabetes. Considering this, the chances of pregnant women transferring diabetes to their unborn child are high.”

Speaking on effects of diabetes on pregnancy, Dr Tripathi said, “Pregnancy can also worsen a diabetic’s health issues. So, diabetic and pregnant women need to work with the doctor and healthcare team to get the appropriate treatment before getting pregnant.”

Can A Pregnant Woman Transfer Diabetes To The Unborn Baby?

Dr Tripathi has mentioned that one of the root causes of diabetes include heredity. Therefore, yes, a diabetic pregnant woman can transfer the disease to the unborn child.

Dr Tripathi also suggests women of child-bearing age or planning to get pregnant must watch their diet and exercise regularly. He says, “Women must take care of their mental health to avoid going into a pre-diabetic state, which can turn into diabetes.”

What Health Problems Could The Unborn Baby Develop During Pregnancy Due To Diabetes?

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In the initial eight weeks or at the start of the first trimester, the health of the baby is of utmost importance. In this duration, the baby develops lungs, brain, kidney, heart and other organs of the body. Diabetes and pregnancy complications can affect both the mother and the baby.

Dr Pramod Tripathi says, “High blood glucose levels (BSL) during this period can lead to birth defects in the heart, brain, or spine. It can also increase the chances of premature birth. ”

He further added, “Sometimes, babies born of mothers who suffer from high BSL during their pregnancies can have breathing problems or low blood sugar immediately following the birth. There are also higher chances of miscarriage or stillbirth.”

How Can Pregnant Diabetic Women Prevent The Unborn Child From Diabetes And Other Complications?

Dr Tripathi says that women must follow a standard check-up routine for high blood pressure, nerve damage, eye disease, kidney disease, heart and blood vessel disease and thyroid.

If in case, any of these problems arise, you must keep a close watch on your medicines and diet, as recommended by the doctor.

What Should A Diabetic Pregnant Woman Eat?

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Dr Tripathi suggests, “A pregnant diabetic can have low glycemic fruits like apple, pear, guavas, and all types of berries.” He added, “If sugar levels are normal, they can have medium Glycemic Index (GI) fruits like papaya, banana and mango. Dry fruits like dates and figs can be consumed sometimes in limited quantity.”

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Can A Diabetic Pregnant Woman Exercise?

Dr Pramod Tripathi says, “A pregnant diabetic (natural home remedies for diabetes) woman should practice light exercises suggested by their doctor or physiotherapist. There are specifically designed yoga and exercises for pregnant women now.

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What A Pregnant Diabetic Woman Must Not Eat?

According to a report in Healthline, diabetic and pregnant women must avoid alcoholic beverages, fast food, starchy food items like white rice and pasta, fried food, candies, baked goods, sweetened cereals and sugary drinks.

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