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The Odds Of Women With PCOS Getting Pregnant, Explained By Expert

Women with PCOS can get pregnant but require special attention.  
Published -23 Sep 2022, 21:06 ISTUpdated -30 Sep 2022, 13:21 IST
pregnancy with pcos

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), is a common endocrine disorder that has a significant impact on the lives of menstruators. In India, one in every five women suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It has a wide range of effects, from weight gain to pregnancy issues and if left untreated, it can lead to major health problems such as heart disease, endometrial cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperandrogenism.

To understand if PCOS also reduces the chance of conceiving, we spoke with Dr Meenu Vashisht Ahuja, Gynaecologist & Obstetrician at Birla Fertility & IVF.

Can Women With PCOS Get Pregnant?

Can Women With PCOS Get Pregnant

Dr Ahuja said, “Conceiving with the PCOS condition is difficult because of all of those hormone imbalances in place. In many circumstances, young women have to endure multiple visits to their gynaecologists who guide them to restore their hormone levels to normal levels in order to conceive”. 

She added, “A soon-to-be mother requires less but precise attention. She needs to be extra cautious about her lifestyle in order to keep her pregnancy journey stable.”

The ovaries of PCOS patients are bigger than normal. These larger ovaries may contain several small cysts containing immature eggs. High levels of androgens interfere with the development of their eggs as well as their regular release, which is known as ovulation. 

If a healthy egg is not released, it cannot be fertilised by sperm, resulting in infertility. PCOS might cause you to miss or have irregular menstrual cycles. This might be one of the earliest indications of PCOS.

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Can PCOS Be Prevented?

Although PCOS cannot be prevented, it can be treated and controlled. The condition is significantly influenced by one's lifestyle choices. 

PCOS is characterised by both metabolic and psychological complications. Untreated PCOS may result in infertility, resulting in stress, anxiety, and poor self-esteem.

Lifestyle Changes To Manage PCOS

Lifestyle Changes To Manage PCOS

For some women, gaining weight might cause trouble with their hormones. So, losing weight, if you are obese or overweight, may help restore your hormone levels to normal. Losing 10% of your body weight may improve the predictability of your menstrual cycle. This should help you get pregnant.

In general, a healthier lifestyle that includes a better diet, frequent exercise, no smoking, reduced stress, and treatment of diabetes and other medical disorders could boost your chances of becoming pregnant. 

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Some of the following ways to manage PCOS are described below:

  • Consume a well-balanced diet rich in high-fibre foods to combat insulin resistance. 
  • Include green veggies and fruits in your diet.
  • To lose weight, one should eat five small meals instead of three large ones.
  • Consume healthy fats such as ghee, mustard oil, seeds, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Maintaining a regular sleep pattern is critical. Allow yourself to indulge in 8 hours of sleep daily.

Remember, if your period isn't on time and you have been diagnosed with PCOS and you are facing issues becoming pregnant, it is recommended you see an IVF specialist and bring it under control. 

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