For a healthy living, you need to add the right ingredients to your diet. Wonder how these celebrities keep themselves so healthy despite working all the time? We try to get you the health and beauty secrets of all your favourite celebrities.

When I interviewed Social Media star Jannat Zubair, I asked her what is the first thing she has in the morning and she revealed that she has mangrela or kalonji seeds  along with water and honey. Kalonji or mangrela is a spice commonly used for tempering in Indian kitchens. Ever thought it can have some health benefits too? 

Many of you may not know but kalonji or mangrela seeds have numerous health benefits. It is packed with essential vitamins and acids that are great for your overall health. Kalonji has amino acids, vitamins, iron, potassium, and calcium which benefit your body in different ways. 

Best Way To Consume Kalonji Seeds

You can have a spoon of kalonji seeds with a glass of warm water and after gulping it down, you can have a spoonful of honey. 

Benefits Of Having Kalonji Seeds On Empty Stomach

Weight Loss

weight loss kalonji

Kalonji or mangrela has a lot of fibre. It keeps you full for longer. Kalonji has nigellone which is an antioxidant enzyme. It helps in controlling obesity. Many experts suggest the consumption of these seeds for weight loss.

Controls Blood Pressure

Kalonji seeds are helpful in controlling the blood pressure of your body. 

Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems women face these days and kalonji is one ingredient they must consume to keep diabetes at bay. Kalonji helps in managing blood sugar and it also prevents diabetes. 

Improves Memory

Kalonji or nigella seeds are known for improving power and memory. They help you stay alert too.

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Keeps Common Health Problems At Bay

Cold, cough are some common infections that we all suffer from and to keep them at bay you can have kalonji seeds in the morning. They are also believed to be helpful in treating asthma. 

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Cures Joint Pains

Kalonji seeds can help in providing relief from joint pain. Arthritis is a common health problem and these magical seeds can help in treating neck and back pain. 

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Keeps Kidney Healthy

Kidney stones are another common problem women face and consuming kalonji seeds with water is helpful in getting rid of kidney stones and pain.

Gives You Instant Energy

This combination of mangrela seeds, water and honey give you instant energy. It doesn't make you feel tired or lazy. 

Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Kalonji seeds are packed with nutrition and they keep your hair healthy. Consuming these seeds helps you prevent hair problems like hair thinning, hair fall. 

Now that you know the amazing benefits of consuming mangrela seeds in the morning why don't you make it a part of your everyday habit? Do try and share the results with us. For more such health related stories, stay tuned!