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Quick Cardio Workout For Lazy Day By Yasmin Karachiwala

Celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who trains celebrities like Katrina, Alia & Deepika shared quick cardio exercises on Instagram.
Published -25 May 2022, 16:49 ISTUpdated -25 May 2022, 17:20 IST
  • Lakshita Singh
  • Editorial
  • Published -25 May 2022, 16:49 ISTUpdated -25 May 2022, 17:20 IST
yasmin karachiwala cardio workout tips

Are you aiming for a fitter body but lack of time or laziness stopping you from hitting the gym? Don't worry; you can improve your body's fitness by performing a few basic workouts that require no equipment. If you are looking for ways, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recently shared a post for you on her Instagram handle. 

In the post, she shared a list of quick cardio exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Also, no equipment is required for these exercises. Take a look at the exercises:

No Equipment- Quick Cardio Workout

1. Pogo Jumps

pogo jumps quick cardio

How To Do:

  • Jump as high as you can with only a slight bend in your knees and both hands touching the back of your head. 
  • Complete each jump mostly with ankles instead of hips and knees. On each jump, get off the ground as fast as possible.
  • Do not let your heel touch the ground. 

2. Scissors

Scissors quick cardio

How To Do:

  • Stand tall and put your hands on the sides.  
  • Then jump up and while you are in the air, arms and legs move back and forth together, just like scissors.

3. Skaters

Skaters quick cardio

How To Do:

  • To begin, lean forward, leap to your right, then place your left foot behind you, and extend your left arm in front of you.
  • Next, jump to the left, while bringing your right arm in front of you and your right foot behind you.
  • Repeat.

4. Cross Jack

Cross Jack quick cardio

How To Do:

  • Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart and arms extended out to the sides.
  • Jump up and place your left leg in front of your right leg and your left arm on top of your right arm.
  • Jump again to return to the start position.
  • Repeat, the same with the reverse position of your arms and legs.

5. Pop Squat

Pop Squat quick cardio

How To Do:

  • To begin, stand with your legs joined.
  • Next, bend like you squat and touch the floor with your right hand, keeping your legs wide apart.
  • Return to your starting position.
  • Then do it again, this time with your left hand touching the floor.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat.

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How Long Should You Exercise?

Yasmin Karachiwala also shared how long one should exercise. she says:

  • Beginners-Beginners should do these exercises for 30 seconds, then take a rest of 30 seconds.
  • Intermediate- Intermediates should workout for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds.
  • Advanced- Advanced people should exercise for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds.

You can see the video here:


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Anytime And Anywhere Exercises

Sharing the post, Yasmin wrote, "No time for Cardio??!! C’mon try my quick cardio workout🏃‍♂️🔥 This workout can be done anywhere, anytime whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, I’ve got you covered 😉👊 So let’s get started, are you ready to move with me? Best part? You don’t need any equipment to do these exercises."

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