Leggy lasses make eyes turn wherever they go but women with well-defined arms are also stunners. Who likes flabby arms anyway? They make us hide behind others while posing for that group photo, make us think twice about buying tops with certain kinds of sleeves and are quite noticeable to make us look fat at the first glance. Now the trouble is, on a daily basis, we hardly get to do any activity that tones our arms so it is necessary to do special little workouts to keep looking stunning. Here’s a look at the top 5 workouts to lose the fat from the arms and look fab.

Bicep Curl

For sleek and sexy arms, pick up those dumb-bells and get working on it. Stand upright with dumb-bells in your right hand, palm facing forward and feet shoulder-width apart. Now pull the weight towards your shoulders and then lower it. Repeat this for 10-15 times and then do the same for the left arm.

Lateral Arm Raise

arm raise

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Do the lateral arm raise for super-toned arms using dumb-bells, cable machine or exercise bands/resistance bands. This will not only help you to shed the stubborn arm fat but also help you with strength training to get strong arms.

Elbow Plank

elbow plank

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To get the arms of your dreams, an elbow plank is one of the sure-shot ways. This is almost like a standard plank with the difference that the weight needs to be rested on the forearms. 

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Triceps Push Up

Get nicely defined and sculpted arms by focusing on your triceps with this workout. The Triceps Push Up differs from your standard push up as you should keep your hands closer and under your chest. Do this 12 times and then increase the repetitions depending on your agility to lose weight quickly.

Reverse Fly

Don’t start flying backwards just now as this workout only requires you to do the arm raise with dumb-bells while bending forward at the hips. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and squeeze your shoulder blades as you stretch out the arms. Return to start. You may feel a bit of stress at first but that’s normal. Do this 10 times and then start with the reps.

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