There are so many celebs that have fat to fit journey but we relate so much more with people like you and me who work on themselves and achieve the goal of shedding those extra kilos. This time nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a fitness journey of a mother and son duo on her Instagram and I had to share it with our readers. So here you go. 

A true weight-loss story of a Mother-Son jodi - "I (Sachin Doshi ) have been following your suggestions for like 2.5 months now and lost about 9 kgs of weight till now (from 106 to 97 kgs). And I am about to lose the 10th kg.

And my mother, despite being a thyroid patient, has been following your diet for a month (seeing me losing weight) and has lost 4 kgs of weight (from 96 to 92). She was barely able to move or climb stairs and a few days back she climbed down the stairs (we stay on the 8th floor of our building complex and she climbed down 8 stairs). The best part is we both enjoy your diet a lot and we are even feeling better after losing this weight!!

This is how your videos have changed my life:

What is junk food?


A lot of people are aware of what is junk food (pizzas, burgers, etc) but they are not aware that even simple things like biscuits and tomato ketchup are also junk!! Breakfast cereals, as well as cornflakes, are also junk - so since I saw this video I stopped eating processed and junk food and anything coming out of a packet.

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What to have for dinner

dal rice

Dal Rice (instead of salads and fruits) - I was having problems with salads as it used to upset my digestive system - I have had a weak digestive system since a long time - dal rice or khichdi kadhi solved the problem.

And yes, the most relieving suggestion was to have tea with sugar and milk instead of green tea!


Both I and my mother do not like green tea. It sounds like having some kadwa "tablets" or "kadwa" juice!

And lastly, the one where in you say "No" to oats and "Yes" to upma / poha / khakra

I personally hate "oats" and that is the reason I have never liked dieticians - all of them forced green tea/oats in our diets.

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We have been having sweets during festivals (the modaks, pendas and recently we had the topra pak made of coconut) - and most importantly the weighing scale has not moved up - in fact it has moved slightly down which has surprised us a bit.

I would like to personally thank you for these suggestions - I still have to lose like 14 kgs but then I am sure that will happen in a few more months - not in any hurry as we are enjoying your diet!"