Over the past few years, there seemed to have spread a storm of veganism around us. Amongst everyone would know of at least one person who has turned vegan. But what exactly is Veganism? Let’s understand this first.


Veganism is a practice that includes consumption of all plant-based food and avoiding any food which is sourced from animals. Basic examples being – avoiding meat, dairy, etc. While there are various degrees and types of veganism, this is the basics of Veganism.


Of late, there have been rumours and assumptions around Veganism and people have stereotyped it as something which voids a person of ‘good food’. While almost all animal lovers or people who want to see certain kinds of changes in their health want to follow veganism, this stereotype of Veganism not having good food options in it has stopped such people from following the path. Another reason could be that they are foodies and food is the source of their happiness.


Looking at the health benefits of people who chose to turn vegan;


According to studies and research, those who have turned vegan show less chance of getting high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes or other heart-related diseases. Also, veganism also helps in preventing a person from types of cancers including breast and ovarian cancers. While there are health benefits, there are still a lot of myths around the do’s and don’ts when it comes to food consumption.


Busting all myths around veganism taking you away from good food, here are the five types of foods that you can still eat even if you have or are deciding to turn vegan.

1)    Pasta 

food vegans should avoid

This is an all-time favourite dish of people who love gauging junk food. Many people don’t know that while leaving refined flour is a must if you are turning vegan, you can still have your favourite pasta in whole wheat form.

A lot of brands have started making whole-wheat pasta and we can’t thank them enough for that. Can we?

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2)    Bread

vegan bread

This has become a staple for most Indians as much as it is for people in countries outside India. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t had this childhood where bread butter and jam was a thing. Agree?

Well, good news for all bread lovers. If you are planning to turn your normal diet into a vegan diet, you are allowed to have whole wheat bread. Not only plain bread but multigrain and masala bread as well? Putting your chef hats on, eh?

3)    Cashew 


Talking about favourite binge foods, nuts, especially cashew is everyone’s favourite and the good news is that you can binge on your favourite cashew even if you follow the path of veganism. Dry roast cashews and add your favourite toppings. Mine has to be the simple salt and pepper seasoned.

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4)    Rice

things you can eat being vegan

It will probably be my last day on this planet the day I will stop eating rice. Like common! I am from West Bengal and I need my rice. In fact, rice is like a must for all Indians, isn’t it? And imagine if you have to quit rice to turn into a vegan? Not happening man.

This is one of the most common myths that vegans don’t consume rice. Yes, there is a slight alternative but something is better than nothing. As per studies and research, you can have brown or unpolished rice if you turn into a vegan. Happy much?

5)    Tofu

vegan staples

After living in Delhi for five years or less, it is a must that you will fall in love with paneer as much as you love your rice. And leaving paneer can be a nightmare especially for people living in North India. Tofu becomes the best substitute and makes sure you don’t miss your paneer. It in fact adds to the benefits and gives you the goodness of soy.


So, next time someone scares or warns you about you having to leave your food if you are having a conversation around Veganism, seal their mouth with all the knowledge you have gained from this article.

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