We often eat foods and sip drinks without worrying about the harm they do to our bodies, or the amount of damage they cost. Just believing that we are eating to fill our stomach is not enough for a healthy lifestyle; you must also determine whether the food you are consuming is healthy or not. To help you identify these items, here is a list of foods and drinks that are harmful to your health and should be eliminated from your diet plan ASAP!

Let's learn from Manisha Chopra, nutritionist, dietician and fitness expert about some unhealthy foods and drink items to avoid.

1. Hydrogenated Fats

fried food

Hydrogenated fats are chemically unsaturated fats that extend the life of a food item. However, these fats can also result in a higher level of bad cholesterol in our bodies.  Such foods also increase belly fat, and can cause a variety of health issues. Certain foods that contain such high trans fats are fried foods, biscuits, cookies, and cakes.

2. Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners are very unhealthy for bodies. They don't provide nutrition and have an impact on our hormone levels, especially insulin. After eating them, our bodies release insulin, which raises blood sugar levels, which is harmful for diabetics. Artificial sweeteners can also cause weight gain, slow our metabolism, and raise the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

3. Refined Food

Refined foods, such as refined flour and sugar can pose a huge risk to your health. The amount of nutrition in them is almost negligible and they give more calories while simultaneously causing weight gain.  Apart from this, their glycemic index is so high that they can prove to be dangerous for people with high sugar levels.

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4. Canned Food

canned food

Many working people nowadays rely on canned or packaged foods as they are ready to eat right away and do not require cooking. However, these foods are not nearly as nutritious as food prepared at home.  Most of these packaged foods contain a chemical called BPA (bisphenol-A) that can cause various health problems. Furthermore, they include unhealthy amounts of sodium, sugar, and preservatives.

5. Processed Food Items

Food items like cheese, white rice, butter etc are highly processed food. Such foods contain high amounts of sodium and sugar, which can cause major health concerns. These highly processed foods also contain artificial flavours, colors and preservatives which are harmful to our health.

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6. High Starch Food

pasta bread

Potatoes, cereals, oats, pasta, lentils, bread, and other starchy foods can raise blood sugar levels. They also contribute to weight gain as they contain carbohydrates, which are converted to fat when eaten. So avoid such food items. Even if you want to eat them, you can eat them occasionally but don't eat a lot of them.

7. Flavoured Drinks

flavoured drinks

Everyone enjoys the taste of flavoured soft drinks, juices, yoghurts, energy drinks, and other such beverages, but they are actually quite damaging to our health. These flavoured drinks are high in sugar and preservatives, both of which are damaging to our health.

8. Alcohol

Wines have no nutritional benefit and are high in calories that our bodies cannot use to produce energy. They also cause weight gain and have an effect on our liver. Drinking too much of these can also lead to a variety of serious health problems. So stay away from such drinks.

These are the items you need to avoid now for a healthier body.

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