Fruits are everyone's favourite and we love munching on them at any time of the day. This is wholly great because fruits are full of nutrients that help us maintain perfect body functions. From the fiber that is found in fruit to all the vitamins and minerals that work on various body problems. But the thing is eating fruits at night may be linked to certain health issues. Also, you might have heard your elders tell you not to eat a particular fruit at night. So, we are here to unveil all the reasons and facts behind this and tell you whether you should or should not eat fruits at night. Take a look at this article to know more.

Ayurvedic Belief About Eating Fruits At Night


According to Ayurveda, you should not eat fruits at night before the meal. And you shouldn’t have anything 3-4 hours before going to bed to ensure sound sleep.  What happens is that because of the fact that fruits are lighter, they get digested by the body before the meal. This leads to disruption in the system and problems in the gut which means that the meals remain undigested and the absorption of nutrients from the food also remains incomplete. Not only that, according to ancient medical science that fact fruits induce sleep is also deemed baseless. Fruits are full of natural sugars, which when consumed at night cause your energy levels to rise, which subsequently make your sleep go away. Therefore if you want to eat fruit at night you must ensure that there is a gap of at least 30 minutes before you take your meals.

Choose The Right Fruits

Well despite the above-listed facts we don’t tell you to stop and control your cravings for fruits but we will definitely advise you not to eat a plateful of fruits at night before bedtime. 


Also, the choice of fruits you make creates a great difference. Therefore do not opt for very sweet fruits and choose the ones with more fiber such as pears, kiwis, and melons. And even if you do eat fibrous fruits, do not go ahead and sleep immediately, take time, walk and sleep only after your fruit gets completely digested, this will save you from disrupted sleep.

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Drawbacks Of Eating Fruits At Night


  • If you eat fruits at night regularly then you might end up gaining a few inches. As by the end of the day you also complete your maximum calorie intak limit and eating calorie-rich fruits such as banana may lead to a substantial gain in weight over time.
  • Eating fruits at night may cause insomnia. It happens because of the rise in sugar and energy levels in the body after the consumption of fruits.
  • Eating fruits at night may also lead to digestive troubles. Because like we said the food that we eat is complex while fruits are easily digeted in the body, that is why when you eat food and fruits at once, the body’s digestive system is affected.

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