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    Parineeti Chopra Has This Low Calorie Snack Whenever She Gets Hunger Pangs Between Meals

    Parineeti Chopra follows a strict diet to maintain her weight. Here is what she has whenever she feels like eating something between her meals.
    Updated at - 2019-11-28,13:07 IST
    parineeti chopra low carb diet for weight loss

    Parineeti Chopra is one Bollywood actor whose weight loss journey has been inspiring. Before making it to the world of movies, Parineeti was a regular, overweight girl and she lost a lot of kilos. Even after she made her debut, she didn't fall into the so-called 'skinny' category of actresses. She then lost about 25 kilos and set fitness goals for millions of people. 

    Surely, a lot went behind getting there. Parineeti works out really hard in the gym to maintain her toned body. Not just that, Parineeti follows a strict diet. 

    A lot of you must be thinking of what Parineeti has in between meals. Her recent Instagram post tells it all.

    parineeti snacking

    Parineeti Chopra posted some stories on her Insta handle from a photoshoot. She was seen dressed up in a saree and was getting her makeup done. One of her stories had her snacking on cucumber and carrot sticks. She captioned the story, "Cucumber and carrots because sari".

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    Let's be honest, losing weight is not easy. One has to be really smart while picking snacking options. When you feel like munching something between the meals, you can't pick anything fried or something that adds to your weight. 

    parineeti chopra snack cucumber carrots

    Parineeti Chopra not only cuts down the consumption of extra calories but makes sure she doesn't binge on unhealthy snacks. 

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    Cucumber and carrots are low in calories and packed with nutrients. 

    Health Benefits Of Eating Cucumber

    • Cucumber is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It has no fats and is a rich source of vitamin K.
    • Cucumber is made of about 96% of water and it keeps you full for longer. It keeps you hydrated all day.
    • Cucumber is great for your skin too. It has high water content and keeps your skin hydrated. Eating cucumber makes your skin glow. 
    • It also helps in managing diabetes. 

    Health Benefits Of Eating Carrots

    1. Carrot is the perfect diet food for those who wish to lose those extra kilos. Carrots are high in fibre and they make you feel full for longer. This will prevent you from overeating or bingeing on unhealthy foods. 
    2. The dietary fiber in carrots helps in promoting digestive health and it keeps all digestive issues at bay.
    3. Having carrots helps you maintain the cholesterol level of the body. It also boosts your heart health.
    4. Carrots are great for your skin. They improve your skin health and help you get that natural glow.
    5. Carrots boost your eye health too. They have lutein and lycopene which helps in improving your eyesight. 

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