Coffee, for many, isn’t just a beverage, it’s an emotion. But nowadays, it has become hard to enjoy that daily cup of coffee with a number of myths surrounding it. Even though it is one of the most favourite drinks around the world, there are many people who don’t know fully about it. Here are some myths and facts about coffee, busted by Ms. Manisha Chopra, Nutritionist, Dietician and Fitness Expert. 

The Myths

Coffee Causes Insomnia

Many people take their morning cup of coffee just to wake themselves up. Though coffee contains a lot of caffeine, it flushes out of your body within hours after consumption. So, having a cup of coffee in the evening won’t keep you up all night.

Coffee Prevents/Cures Hangovers

This is a myth that coffee can cure hangovers. Coffee won’t sober you up! The components of coffee do not lower the after-effects of alcohol rather having a coffee during a hangover can actually make your headache worse. Coffee shoots the blood pressure up and if you are already having a headache, coffee will definitely increase it.

You Can Lose Weight With The Help Of Coffee

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Coffee reduces a person’s desire to eat for a short period of time but it doesn’t help in losing weight. Coffee slightly helps in increasing metabolism, but it cannot help you in the long run.

Coffee Causes Dehydration

There is a lot of caffeine present in coffee which refreshes the mind and helps people stay alert and active. Consuming a lot of caffeine may cause dehydration that makes people wonder if coffee also causes dehydration. But a moderate amount of coffee doesn’t dehydrate your body rather it is considered as a fluid intake.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

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A pregnant woman can drink coffee by limiting her per day consumption. Many experts advice pregnant women not to intake coffee as it can reach the baby but it doesn’t have any harmful effects attached to it.

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The Facts

Coffee Helps You Focus

An impact is created on the central nervous system by caffeine present in the coffee. Dopamine, a neurochemical, is produced more by the brain which the help of coffee. So, a cup of coffee ultimately boosts your ability to concentrate and maintain focus.

Lowers The Risk Of Stroke

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A moderate amount of coffee consumption can never be harmful. Coffee reduces the risk of heart problems (try these yoga asanas for a healthy heart), strokes, cancer and other diseases.

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Coffee Boosts Your Physical Performance

Coffee is known for its mind refreshing properties. Intaking caffeine makes your mind fresh and your body alert and active. So, coffee helps in boosting up the energy level of your body which result in better physical performance.

Coffee Can Reduce The Risk Of Many Diseases

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A healthy amount of coffee consumption helps to lower the risk of many diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, heart diseases, diabetes (here is an ancient remedy to cure diabetes), etc. Many studies have researched that caffeine reduces the chances of body ailments.

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Coffee Contains Antioxidants

A rich number of antioxidants are found in coffee. A daily cup of coffee helps in the prevention of many deadly diseases, including cancer.

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