Reasons Why 'Ghar Ki Malai' Is The Best!

Here is why you  should make homemade malai or fresh cream a part of your daily diet.

Kishori Sud
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We use fresh, homemade cream or malai in many recipes which range from gravies to desserts. However, we do measure it before usage due to the number of calories we are loading in the dish. But in case you have not realised, malai has many nutrients and fats. These nutrients are said to be very good for our health if taken in moderate quantity. From body growth to a healthy hair, here is a list of whall all this amazing dairy product can do.

Increasing Red Blood Cells

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Malai has essential minerals which help in increasing red blood cells in our body. RBCs help in maintaining our body and they are carriers of haemoglobin which are responsible for providing oxygen and nutrients. Some of the minerals include iron which help in the development of these cells.

Energy Booster

The fat content is high in malai and this fat helps in creating and boosting energy in our bodies. It also makes up for the lost energy as it is said to have 455 kcal. But if weight is an issue then it is recommended that you stay away from it but if you feel low in energy, whip up the cream and mix it with some granola and fruits. .

Nerve And Brain Development


Being a dairy product, malai is a rich source of calcium. This helps in maintaining bone health. It also has phosphorous which helps the body in absorbing all that calcium in the body. This helps in the development of bones. Not just that, your teeth and gum health is also looked after. The presence of folate is excellent for nerve and brain development. Due to vitamin A and C in malai, it helps your immune system as well.

Prevention Of Cataract

The presence of vitamin A in fresh cream helps in promoting eye health. The quick changes we sometimes experience in light and dark is helped by vitamin A which also takes care of our night vision and keeps us safe from night blindness and cataracts.

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Hair Growthhair malai

Being rich in protein, fresh cream maintains our hair health and prevents any kind of hair damage. It also helps in promoting hair growth. There are many malai hair masks as well that can be made at home.

Kidney Stones

The occurrence of kidney stones can be a major issue which is where the calcium in malai steps in. Even doctors recommend dairy products to those who suffer from kidney stones. Just stick to a limited amount and do not go overboard with it.

Take care of yourself and consult your doctor if it is okay for you to make malai a part of your diet.

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