Hair loss is something the world has an issue with or simply fears it. It could happen due to multiple issues with some of them being genes, stress, diet and pregnancy. There is no permanent solution to this but only ways to cover it up and trials to prevent. There are some foods and drinks that are said to be very helpful in either slowing it down or stopping it. You can grow back what is gone but you stop the rest from falling perhaps. So here are a few juices and smoothies that may do wonders. 


An amazing source of vitamin C, guavas are excellent antioxidants and good for the immune system. It does not have a direct role but it has the potential to protect your hair follicles. It does have antioxidant carotenoids lutein, lycopene, and cryptoxanthin that may act as protection.

Walnut, Raisin, Dried Parsley Leaves, Ginger & Honey Smooth

hairloss smoothie two

This is a rather rich combination which when blended together is amazing not just in taste but also super nutritious. You can have it thrice a week to improve the texture of your nails and hair. 


It may have a foul smell but its juice is magic for the scalp. It has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects which helps in preventing hair loss by bringing any kind of infections under control and also restore balance. Another factor is that garlic is a rich source of selenium which is very important a mineral of the health of your hair.

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Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Cucumber & Ginger Smoothie

hairloss smoothie one

This combination makes for a smoothie which is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. Use 2 small apples, a small piece of ginger, a small clean carrot, some pieces of beetroot and a small cucumber. Have this concoction twice a week.

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hairloss smoothie three

This fruit is a big source of vitamin C and just like Guava, it may help in encouraging growth and protect the hair follicles. Kiwi also has small amounts of copper which are known to be a contributor for the pigmentation of your hair.

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Lemon, Lettuce, cucumber & Honey Smoothie

hairloss smoothie four

A mix of sweet and tangy, this smoothie is rather tasty with oodles of vitamin E, detoxifying properties due to the presence of lemon. All you have to do is blend together a teaspoon of honey, juice of half a lemon, a bunch of lettuce and cucumber. Before you make any of the drinks or smoothies a regular part of your diet, consult your doctor or nutritionist. Skip anything you know you are allergic to as well. 

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