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    HZ Exclusive Interview: Here Is What Drashti Dhami Eats In A Day

    In my exclusive interaction with Drashti Dhami, I asked her about her daily diet and workout routine. 
    Published -16 Oct 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 15:37 IST
    drashti dhami interview fitness daily diet plan

    Drashti Dhami is a popular face of the showbiz world. The actress was last seen on the OTT show, The Empire where she played Khanzada Begum. Her role in the periodic drama as much appreciated.  

    Not just for her work, the actress is loved for her healthy and fit body too. If you follow her on her social media, you know she is a fitness addict. She keeps sharing videos from her fitness routine to motivate her fans to workout oo.

    Drashti Dhami was one of the panelists at the launch of Tata Green Tea Immune recently and during my exclusive interaction with her, I asked her to share about her diet and workout routine. 

    Drashti Dhami's Daily Diet Routine

    Talking about her everyday diet routine, Drashti Dhami shared, "My daily routine would be a nice warm cup of green tea when I start and commence my day. But I also make sure to have ghar ka khana- lots of vegetables, chappati, dal, dahi and so on. I am not a person who can survive on just diet food, I need my home cooked Indian meals but with next to no oil or little bit of ghee. I detest over eating where my body feel uncomfortable but I don’t also deprive myself of cheat meals. It’s all about balance and knowing your body."

    drashti dhami daily diet routine

    I further asked her how does she cope up with her diet plan amid her hectic work schedules. She said, "I never compromise on my diet, come what may be with my schedule. I would encourage people to have a set meal time, discipline your body in a way that it functions in a systematic order.

    It’s very important that I take care of my inner fitness and that can be achieved through a healthy diet. I am a person who has her breakfast by 8 in the morning and dinner by 7:30 or 8 pm max and not later."

    Drashti Dhami's Morning Ritual

    Yes I do, I have a cup of green tea as I do not have coffee. I stay away from sweet, as I do not like sweets at all. I do indulge in a nice green smoothie or fresh juice made at home with zero preservatives. I at times have idli, poha, upama, dhokla. Breakfast for me is a very important meal which I cannot compromise.

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    Home Remedies For Skin And Hair

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    Talking about home remedies she practises at home for her skin and hair, she said, "I oil my hair once a week n I do spa once a month !!! Oil I make at home!."

    Sharing about her skincare, she further said, "For my skin I drink a lot of water and for my hair I make sure to oil and massage them. I mostly use essential oils and condition them. I do not leave my make up on when I am not working and always follow the CTM routine before going to bed."

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    Foods And Drinks For Immunity

    COVID is still here and I asked Drashti Dhami if she has foods and drinks in her diet which help her boost her immunity system. She said, "Green tea has  anti-oxidants that help cleanse my body from within along with the added Vitamin C known to aid in supporting the body’s immune system. And lots of green vegetables, citrus fruits, millets, jowar, fiber food and water."

    Fitness, Health Tips

    I asked Drashti Dhami to share some fitness, wellness tips for our readers. She said, "I would say do your exercises daily and make sure you eat well! Indulge in foods which is rich for your body and supports your inner wellbeing and not just physical appearance. I make sure whatever I consume is healthy and benefits me in the long run. You know the thing with tasty food is-  it is appealing only till you taste buds but you don’t realize the disaster it creates inside your body. So like you invest so much on material things, invest on food and diets which help you have a strong inner fitness."

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