Sugar is one of the most common ingredients in our daily diet. However, we all know that sugar has always been associated with health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases among others. 

Eating too much sugar is considered bad for health, especially if it is refined and added. 

Well, let's tell you that your refined, regular sugar is not the only way of sweetening your food. There are many healthy alternatives and one of them is coconut sugar. 

What Is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar is a natural form of sugar that is made from coconut palm sap. The coconut palm sap has a sugary fluid that is collected in a container and then under heat till all the water is evaporated. In the end, you get a brown and granulated sugar. It is also known as coconut palm sugar. 

A lot of fitness enthusiasts have been turning to coconut sugar lately and if you too wish to give it a try, read some of its benefits below.

Natural Sweetener

coconut sugar for health benefits

It is better to stick to natural sweeteners and not artificial and refined ones. These natural alternatives have more nutrients as compared to refined ones. 

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener. As compared to normal sugar, this sugar has a low glycemic index.

Fuels Your Body With Nutrients

Have you noticed any list of healthy nutrients on the packet of your regular sugar? Coconut sugar is packed with nutrients like calcium, iron, and potassium which are healthy for you. Coconut sugar also has antioxidants, it is much healthier than your regular white sugar. 

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Great For Your Digestion

coconut sugar healthy alternative

Do you know coconut sugar has fiber? The fiber present in the sugar is called inulin and is dietary fiber. This fiber is good for your digestive health. It is prebiotic which helps you keep your digestive system healthy. It keeps all your gut-related issues at bay.

Dietician Jaya Johri, LNJP Hospital shared that coconut sugar healthier as it is less processed as compared to regular white sugar.

Less Sucrose

When you digest sucrose, it breaks down into fructose and glucose which work in different ways. The process of sucrose breaking down leads to a spike in blood sugar. As compared to normal sugar, coconut sugar has less sucrose. Coconut sugar has 75 percent sucrose present in it. The other 25 percent has fiber, nutrients, and other healthy things which are good for your body.

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Good For Weight Loss

If you are on a weight loss journey, most people recommend avoiding sugar completely. However, on days when you wish to have something sweet, you should use coconut sugar. As compared to regular sugar, this one has lesser calories. So it will be helpful for you to lose weight!

Replacing your regular white sugar with coconut sugar is a good idea as it fuels your body with healthy ingredients. However, coconut sugar should be consumed in moderation or it can lead to weight gain among other health issues. 

There are different ways you can add coconut sugar to your daily diet. You can use it as a replacement in your cup of tea or coffee or use it to prepare bakery goods.

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