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    What To Eat After Working Out? Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Says Aloo Parathas

    Looking for the right post-workout meal? Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has a tasty option for you.
    Updated at - 2019-12-20,16:11 IST
    rutuja diwakar aloo parantha benefit m

    You need to put in a lot of hard work when it comes to achieving a fit and healthy body. From working out to having the right diet, you need to keep a check on all of it. When you spend hours in the gym working out in the body, it helps you achieve your body goals. But efforts can go all waste of you don't have the right pre and post-workout meals.

    After you finish your workout, you need to have the right diet, you need to have a diet packed with the right nutrients that are good for your body.

    If you have been working out hard on your body lately and looking for the right post-workout meal options then Celebrity Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar has a tasty option for you.

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    Rujuta Diwekar, who usually has sewaiya or upma as her post-workout meal shared she had an aloo paratha instead. On her Instagram handle, she posted a picture of her plate with aloo paratha and also shared with her followers how they should prepare it at home. 

    rutuja diwakar aloo parantha benefit winter

    She wrote, "Aloo paratha! Was my post-workout meal today. Typically, I stick to sevaiya upma or poha but today was special. There was a chill in the air, time on hand and chuha in the stomach. Routinely people write to me - I have been put on a diet and my rotis have been stopped, can't live like this forever, what should I do? Very simply, listen to yourself, your heritage and lineage over anybody else. And follow the basics - - Buy gehu, not atta. - Peeso it in the neighbourhood chakki. - Store it in a nice steel dabba. - And every time you take the atta out, use clean hands and a dry spoon. Simple enough? Then roll it into a dough the usual way with the tel (or ghee), namak, water, and make just enough to last you for that one meal or at the most for that one day. The fresher, the better. Winters are also the time for parathas - alu, mooli, kulith ka parathas. They taste great with achaar & chutneys, keep your body strong and stomach light. Use the iron tava and it's best-eaten piping hot."

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    Indeed, nothing like enjoy hot and delicious aloo parathas in this chilly weather.  Aloo or potatoes are a great source of phosphorus which is an important mineral for your body. It helps in maintaining bone health.

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    Here are some easy tips to make aloo paratha at home:

    nutritionist rutuja diwakar aloo parantha benefit winter

    Leave the dough to rest for a while till you start rolling out parathas out of it.

    Avoid adding onions to the aloo mixture as they release water and it gets difficult to make parathas out of it.

    You can great all the boiled potatoes before mashing them for the stuffing. This way you will get a better aloo stuffing.

    Now that a nutritionist has approved of it, you can enjoy a homemade and healthy aloo paratha at home after your workout.

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