When it comes down to weight loss there is hardly any bride, bridesmaid or their closest kins who do not want to lose weight. From the moment they get hitched, they start looking at getting thinner or toned to fit into the most desirable outfits. While many start crash diets or follow gym programs, many brides look for weight loss or fat burners for an easy fix.

But, before you check out the market shelf for supplements that can come as an easy fix, check out your kitchen shelf first. There is a 100% guarantee that ingredients that come from the kitchen stand far away from any side effects when compared to synthetic weight loss drugs. Just remember not to overdo and follow these evidence-based tricks as stated below.

Sonth/ Dried Ginger Powder

ginger powder

Dried ginger powder has been used for centuries in Indian culture as one of the flavour enhancing ingredients with immense healing properties. This herb has also been used by the Japanese for centuries. You may ask if the dried ginger powder can increase metabolic rate or burn stubborn fat, why can’t we use raw ginger? In the process of drying ginger, a compound called gingerol is converted to shoals which will activate brown fat and that helps in burning our fat. Just consuming 1⁄2 teaspoon of ginger powder can increase your fat-burning capacity. Consume only 1⁄2 teaspoon of dried ginger powder(benefits of dried ginger powder) in your food or as it is with water in the morning to help burn body fat.

Tea/ Green Tea

green tea

Simply drinking tea can help us burn fat within an hour of consumption. If we drink 4 cups of tea within 24 hours before a 30 min walk, we will burn an extra 1 gm of fat during your walk. This implies both green tea and black tea. A compound called catechins 1.e EGCG shows to increase metabolism. But for all milk tea drinkers, it works only if you do not add milk to your tea, so you have to ditch adding milk to your tea.

This is because milk interferes with the absorption of catechins. So, just by swapping our milk tea with green tea, white tea, or oolong tea, we can increase our metabolism and our body can burn fat. One more interesting piece of evidence that has emerged is that green tea supplements do not show any fat-burning effects in the body when compared to drinking actual green tea. About 3-4 cups of tea whether green, white, or black tea should be consumed instead of milk tea.


Drinking water

Did you know that our body can burn fat just by drinking water? A study published by “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” found that drinking 2 cups of water increased the metabolic rate of men and women by 30%. It begins within 10 minutes of drinking water and peaks at about 1 hour. Drinking 1 tall glass of water can make our body burn 24 calories. Some studies have shown a 5-10% increase in metabolic rate. So, stay hydrated and aim to drink 2 glasses of water every waking hour.

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Chilli Peppers

chilli pepper

In red chillies or green chillies, a compound called capsaicin is responsible for burning out the fat. Now, you do not have to add red chillies to all your meals to increase your metabolic rate, just about 2 mg of red pepper powder can turn on your metabolic rate. This way of increasing metabolic rate or the body's ability to burn fat is called diet-induced thermogenesis. If we add the red chilly powder to our meals, we burn the calories from those meals. Overall, our metabolic rate jumps by 10%. Do not add more chillies to your meals, thinking you will burn more calories. Excess of anything can have side effects.

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Black Coffee

black coffee

The metabolic rate increases when you drink black coffee. On average, every cup of coffee increases metabolic rate by 10% for the next one hour of drinking. For each cup of black coffee, we burn about 15 calories. Yet, again, it is not recommended to drink more than 5 cups of black coffee a day, drinking more than 5 cups of black coffee can cause depression and anxiety and increased the risk of dehydration. Always remember for each cup of coffee, add extra 2 glasses of water to prevent dehydration. Adding creamer, milk, sugar etc to coffee doesn't show an increase in the metabolic rate and shows no significant weight loss.

The above guide is evidence-based research, however, there is no magic pill that beats the benefit of exercise in burning fat. If you cannot exercise, increase your metabolic rate by movement in the house or doing housework or moving constantly throughout the day. Remember, not to sit on the bed throughout the day, just move and hit the bed only to get sound sleep at night.

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Swati Bathwal is a renowned dietitian and a registered yoga teacher. For more such interesting tips related to diet and nutrition, stay tuned to Her Zindagi.