Agra is a land of love and when you're here it doesn't feel like you're somewhere new as the city is full of welcoming and warm people. Although this place has become too commercialised, it can still offer a lot to people who come here to enjoy their weekends and unwind. There is a certain sense of comfort, in the air of this city. Not only does it lighten up your mood but it also provides you with a decent escape from your tedious routine life and that is why you should definitely head out on a road trip to this beautiful city located in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Here is everything you need to know about the trip to Agra, so read on and enjoy!

Travelling To Agra

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Reaching Agra by road is not as difficult, the only thing is that you get tired and you would need one entire day to rest. So, if you are not willing to spend the weekend in monotony, then pack your stuff and take a road trip to Agra. It is not too far, just 233 km from Delhi, which can be covered in 5 hours by road. You can visit a lot of places around and witness the seventh wonder of the ancient world. To reach Agra, take the Yamuna Expressway that connects Agra to Kanpur from one end and to Greater Noida and Delhi from the other end. It will be great if you have someone to accompany you on the trip as you can keep switching the driving role and reach your destination without getting too fatigued.

After Reaching Agra

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After driving a two-wheeler for 250 km one definitely needs a proper rest of about a day. So, you can look for suitable stays for yourself as there are innumerable options to explore in Agra. For enhancing the fun you might also book your stay in one of the hostels in the city. After finding the right stay, explore the local cuisines of the city, and have a filling meal so that you can enjoy the latter part of the day. You can also choose to dine-in some really amazing rooftop restaurants/cafes and enjoy scrumptious food in the presence of a cool breeze, under the stars.

Explore The City On Foot

The next day, freshen up and take a stroll around the city. First, catch the sunrise from the Taj Mahal, or even the rooftop of your hotel or your balcony. Then head out to capture the true essence of the city, talk to the local vendors, the guides, and then take a walk around the small lanes of Agra, use the public conveyance to travel around. Further, munch on the roadside street food and make friends and enjoy every moment of your trip. Afterwards, you can also visit, the Red Fort, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, Itimad-ud-daulah's tomb or the Fatehpur Sikri to add to the list of the places you've visited.

The Black Taj Mahal

black agra taj

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The next morning you can get ready to check out the black Taj Mahal, ruins of which, are said to be located in the  Mehtaab Bagh in Agra. Mehtaab Bagh is the location where the black Taj Mahal was about to be built, you can witness an incomplete foundation of some sorts, when you come here, which makes us believe that the black Taj Mahal was actually under construction. Shah Jahan wanted to stay close to his wife Mumtaj and so, he decided to build a monument exactly like the Taj. He had also planned a bridge over the lake that would connect both the monuments and be the perfect spot for two lovers to meet under the moonlight. It was also planned that Mumtaz would be buried in the Taj and Shah Jahan in the black counterpart of the monument. Locals believe that Shah Jahan had started the construction of the black Taj Mahal but the project was stopped when his son held him captive and thus the construction could not be completed.

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See The Taj Mahal From A Different Perspective

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Everyone sees the Taj Mahal from the regular front entry but you can see the beautiful Taj from the bank of the river Yamuna that offers a truly breathtaking and vivid view of the Taj. And the perk is that you can sit there beside the bank and calm down yourself while looking at the structure of the Taj Mahal, the monument that stands testimony to the truth of love. It is best to come here during the time of the sunset, to witness a captivating blend of colours in the sky, highlighted with shades of pink and orange. The place is very less crowded as there are not a lot of people who know about this secret route. Before the main entrance, there is a sidewalk that leads to the Yamuna bank, you can ask any local to guide you through the way to this charming view.

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The Last Day In Agra


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Start your last day in the city with a relaxed and calm mind. Have breakfast in bed and watch your favourite movies on the television or your laptop if you're carrying one. Grab a cup of tea, and have a samosa, and khasta to go with it. Start packing all your stuff and then if you have time, go check out the markets before leaving Agra(experience Mughal heritage), and then start your trip back home, bid adieu to Agra with a promise to come back soon. You can visit here even if you have 2 days in hand. It will refresh your mind and will give you a much-needed break.

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