A peaceful sleep at night is what we all hope for but sometimes a bevy of nightmares instills fear in us and leave us with negative, intense feelings. These nightmares have the ability to bring out anxiety, terror, and distress. This makes us wake up in the middle of the night or simply makes us feel all gloomy and downtrodden. So what do you do if you are marred with nightmares often? How do you deal with them? 

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

When you are awake, your brain consumes more energy and your eyes are very active. When you try the rapid eye movement sleep method, your eyes move quickly but your muscles are in temporary paralysis which is good as your brain during this movement fires commands to the motor cortex while you are dreaming. The method shows the effect after half an hour.

Good Sleep Hygiene

You cannot completely prevent nightmares but you can always work on it by first adapting to a good sleep cycle. Your room should be cool, quiet and dark. Turn off light sources like TV, alarm clocks and if you can then invest in light-blocking curtains. Earplugs would be brilliant. Try to fix a regular sleep time. Do your daily exercises and by the evening you must have a relacing routine in motion. Do not have caffeine, use mobile phones a few hours before bedtime. Keep nighttime snacks to the minimum and avoid food that usually causes indigestion. 

Daytime Stressors

warm bath sleep

Our work-life especially during this pandemic has become very stressful and employers feel we should be available 24*7! This is where you need to draw the line and understand that they cannot do so! First, try to manage your work in time and balance it all out. If your work in the daytime is too much then you must do some destressing activity before bed. Take a warm bath, dance it out or cook, do what unwinds you. You could also play some relaxing music and do your skincare routine or self-pampering routine. 

Stay away from TVs and tablets as they are well known for stealing your sleep, so turn them off a while before bed.

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Food, Drinks To Induce Sleep

There are many foods and drinks which have been touted as useful when it comes to inducing sleep. Some of these include chamomile tea, warm milk, almonds, kiwi, walnuts, passionflower tea, rice, beans, 

Talking Or Writing

writing sleep

According to some psychologists, if you discuss your dreams, talk about them, it helps in configuring them and gives a perspective. It reduces anxiety. If you can then consult a therapist, discuss them with a partner or there are groups that sit together to share it all. You could also make a diary and pen them all down. Just flush the thoughts out of your system. 

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Get To The Root Cause

Often, when something is bothering us, we experience nightmares about them. For example, when I was looking for a job and it was taking too long, I had disturbing dreams. But after one or two I realised the root cause and worked hard on it during the daytime until it was solved. 

Personally, I meditate before sleeping and cleanse out all the negative thoughts. I read books so that my dreams take inspiration from them if that is how it all works. If it is getting too disturbing then it is recommended that you consult a psychologist. They can help you with treatments and medications.

Also, remember that nightmares are not childish. Do not ignore them and discuss your problems with someone instead of keeping them inside and thinking about them all the time as this too can lead to sleepless nights. 

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