If your weighing scales don’t shift the numbers, do not panic. If your weight was less the day before and more today, do not worry this is because you could be losing on inches and your body must be toning.  Remember, for every 4 kgs you lose, you are dropping a dress size and right before your big day, if you can fit into that gorgeous gown or your lehenga you have desired to wear, is a dream come true. In this article today, I am sharing top tips and tricks to incorporate in your life, the moment you announce your wedding. Trust me they work.  

Dry Body Brush

inch loss swati bathwal

Get a dry body brush or a lymphatic brush. Use this brush 3-4 times a week on a  dry body just before shower for 8-10 minutes. Start your strokes from feet toward your upper body,  in upward stroke movement, and then around your belly and back region. Do not use the brush in sensitive areas. When you brush your body in an upward movement, you increase blood circulation and it reduces the appearance of cellulite. It also helps in draining, excess fluid built-in between tissues,  which helps in reducing fluid retention. This brush costs around Rs 450-500 and lasts for about 3 –5  months. Remember, do not scrub with intense pressure, it might cause a bruise. Using a dry body will add glow to your face, remove fluid retention, reduce cellulite and get your body in shape. 

Proteins With Each Meal 

inch loss swati bathwal

We are mostly carbohydratarians in our dietary pattern instead of being vegetarians. Excess consumption of carbohydrates and fats increases glycogen load in our body and increases body weight. Aim to consume protein sources with each meal. After any weight-bearing exercise, our body takes 24-36 hours to build muscles. This means we need to constantly add protein to our body to build muscle. Research shows that, when we consume proteins only in one part of the day and leave another part of the day with no proteins, our muscles do not recover and they do not get built. So, add proteins for breakfast like eggs, besan, chana, sprouts, milk, yogurt, nuts, add curd rice, daal rice, chicken rice or chicken salad for lunch and dinners can be roasted dinners or sauteed vegetables or salads with proteins like eggs, chickpeas, paneer tikkas,  soy tikkis, etc or omelette.  

No Carbohydrate Dinners 

For all brides, aim to have smaller dinners. And if you wish to tone your body, consume a very less amount good carbohydrates for dinner along with a protein-rich source.  Some good examples of high protein dinners are egg omelette, egg curry, and boiled sweet potato(health benefits of sweet potato) and vegetables, quinoa with vegetables, daal with vegetables, milk, and 30gm mixed nuts, paneer tikkas with vegetables, paneer scramble, mung daal cheelas, chicken, and vegetables.  

Detox Juice 

inch loss swati bathwal

You can call it a detox juice or your favourite inch loss juice. This juice tastes delicious. Drink a glass of juice with fruits and vegetables which acts as diuretics. Add some carrots,  mint leaves, coriander leaves, ash gourd or bottle gourd(how to make bottle gourd sauce) and strawberries, ½ cucumber or 2-3 celery sticks, and a green apple. Make sure whenever you make a glass of juice with your recipe or anyone else’s recipe, add 1-inch ginger or ½ teaspoon extra virgin olive oil. Adding oil or ginger will reduce acidity and reflux. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Deep Tissue Massage

inch loss swati bathwal

 Lymphatic drainage massage is a massage therapy where pressure and firm pressure is applied to reach the deep layers of muscles. It not only tones your muscles but also helps in extra fluid built-in between tissues. Regular use of this massage reduces the appearance of cellulite as well. Do go for deep tissue massage therapy once in a couple of weeks to get the benefit.  

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Light Weight-Bearing Exercises

 Do light weights, repeatedly when you exercise. Remember, it is not the weight of “the weights” important but it is the repetition that is the key to get toned arms,  legs and get a flat stomach. Power yoga, swim, water aerobics, ball sit, curl-ups, pilates, etc there are many exercises you can do to tone your body. Refer to an exercise specialist or an expert to guide you, what will suit your body.  Stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids as the temperature is starting to rise. Following any of the above tips will help you fit into your favourite dress on your big day.

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Swati Bathwal is one of the top nutritionists and dietitians, sports dietitians, health educators, and public health nutritionist.  For more expert tips from Swati Bathwal, stay tuned to Her Zindagi.

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