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Avoid Keeping These House Plants That Are Poisonous For Children

Not Every Plant Is Safe To Keep At Home. Read On To Know Which Of The House Plants Are Harmful For Children.
Published -13 Jul 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -12 Jan 2022, 17:17 IST
harmful plants main

Houseplants have become an essential part of home décor in today’s time. Apart from looking wonderful when placed in homes, they also have a lot of benefits such as aloe vera, tulsi, bamboo palm, and many more. 

However, it is not always the best idea to keep these plants in the house as some of them cannot be safe for your children. Therefore, you need to be careful while picking out plants for your house. If you are not sure which ones to avoid, then we are here with a list of plants that are harmful for children.  


harmful plants hilodendron

This is one most popular house plants and is also easy to grow. Numerous people prefer to keep it in their homes as it gives a perfect atmosphere to the room. However, it contains calcium oxalate crystals that are toxic for everyone. 

This plant may be vining or non – vining. If you get a vining plant, then hang it well out of the reach of children, while the non – vining plants should be kept on high walls. Although ingesting philodendron have mild effect on the children but still it can be fatal at times. 


harmful plants pothos

Also known as the Devil’s ivy, pothos ivy is recommended by many to keep in homes. This is because they have a forgiving nature and air purifying abilities. Also, it is easy to propogate the cuttings, therefore, it is considered the best option for people who have just started to keep house plants. 

Pothos can have mild harmful effects but can leave feeling very uncomfortable with serious side effects such as burning of the mouth, swelling of lips and throat, diarrhea, vomiting and skin irritation.

Peace Lillies

Also known as spathiphyllum, peace lilies are a member of liliaceae family but are not considered true lily. It is an evergreen plant and is preferred by many to keep in their homes because of the glossy leaves and unique white bloom. They grow bewst in homes, therefore are perfect to keep indoors. 

Also, they are one of the best air purifiers. They also have effects like philodendrons and pothos such as burning and swelling of lips, mouth and tongue, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, etc. but its effects are not mild, instead they can even lead to death.

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harmful plants caladium

Also known as elephant’s ears and angel’s wings, Caladiums are also popular house plants. These look attractive because of the variety of colours including red, pink and white. As they grow well in low ligh, therefore are considered as excellent house plants.

However, all parts of caladium are considered to be toxic. The symptoms after ingestion can include painful burning and swelling of the mouth, lips, throat and tongue, difficulty in swallowing, breathing and speaking and airways being blocked which can lead to death.

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English Ivy

harmful plants english ivy

English ivy or ivy looks wonderful when hung in baskets crating a calming and romantic environment. This plant is not only beautiful but also removes harmful particles from the air making it a perfect plant to keep in your homes. 

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However, you have to be careful as these plants can cause skin irritation. Its ingestion can cause burning in throat and mouth, convulsion, rash, fever and stupor. Although, symptoms are severe only when the plants are eaten in large amounts but still there is a need to be extra careful with children. 

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