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    Is Night Cough A Major Issue? Here Are 7 Remedies to Help You Out

    If you cough a lot at night then here are some home remedies to help you sleep better. 
    Updated at - 2021-06-01,17:52 IST
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    Coughing at night is a huge hindrance when all we want to do is sleep. These days even one cough alerts the whole household which is why you must take care of yourself. It can be caused due to smoking, asthma patients can have a tough time too. So here are some top remedies that will help you out in sleeping better and get rid of that dreadful dry cough. 

    Head Of Your Bed

    head elevste

    When you are lying down, it is said that it gets easier for irritants to annoy us by making their way to the throat. To work on that, prop your pillows and raise or elevate the engle of your head. 


    Sometimes if the atmosphere is too dry, what you need is a humidifier. Dryness in the air can cause irritation in our airways. It gets worse when we switch on the heater in closed rooms. The pollutants are released in the heating ducts but if you use a humidifier, it produces a cool mist and keeps the room moist. 

    Herbal Tea With Honey

    herbal honey

    Honey is an age-old remedy as it soothes the throat apart from having medicinal properties. So to loosen the mucus in the throat it is best to have some herbal tea which is calming as well at night and a tablespoon or so of honey just adds to it. However, do no give it to children below 1 year. 

    Clean Bedding

    clean bedding

    I cannot stress enough about it. You must have clean bedding and maintain hygiene. The dust mites in dirty sheets are allergy carriers and they will cause problems for sure. Wash them in hot water every week and train your dogs to not come onto the bed. 

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    Cockroaches Prevention

    If your house has cockroaches then you better get rid of them. They are carriers of infections and allergies! Their saliva, feces and body parts can cause allergy symptoms. They are also said to be causes of asthma attacks as per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Keep food containers sealed, get rid of newspapers and magazines, and also use an exterminator. 

    Sinus Infection Treatment

    If you have a sinus issue then you better get that treated. Do yoga and practice poses that can help. Stuffed-up sinuses cause postnasal drip which tickles the back of your throat and it can lead to a lot of coughing.

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    Stop Smoking

    It is not just the cough but otherwise as well, smoking should not be on your agenda. But in case it is, your nights are ruined due to constant coughing at night. It has long-term side effects and it is important that you work on it and stop.

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