Eye twitching is a very common condition that happens due to an involuntary spasm in the eyelid. The lids start to tug a little and you feel a constant sensation in your eyes. In most cases, it is only the upper eyelid that experiences a spasm but there may be some who also do feel their lower eyelids twitching to.

This condition is not very serious but a similar condition called blepharospasm, in which our eyelids twitch with a very strong movement and are difficult to lift, is something that you should consider seriously and take proper medical guidance for the same.

However, general eye twitches can be treated easily at home, so, here are the causes and best solutions for you to try.

Some Major Causes Of Eye Twitching

causes of eye twitching

Even though eye twitching is not a very serious condition but it is enough to get your mind off important things. The exact causes of this condition are not very well known but the following could probably be responsible. 

  • Lack of Sleep: Lack of sleep (Vitamin deficiency leads to lack of sleep)may lead to a lot of problems, eye twitching being one of them. Lack of sleep makes the eyes tired and hence could make the lids twitch.
  • Fatigue: A fatigued body is more like to have muscle spasms and other involuntary movements.
  • Physical Exertion: Excessive physical exertion can also cause your muscles or lids to spasm. When the body has no time to repair or restore itself, these are some signals that you need rest.
  • Medication Side Effects: Certain regular medications may also cause eye twitching but if this becomes permanent then you must consult a doctor about it.
  • Stress: Unbearable stress in the muscles, mind may lead to eye twitching too.
  • Eye Strain/Irritation: Sometimes your eyes feel naturally irritated and strained. This could perhaps be because you haven’t received a good sleep, had too much screen time, or studied for long hours. The irritation caused in the eyes could, in turn, make your eyes twitch.
  • Alcohol & Caffeine: Both alcohol and caffeine are responsible for triggering the involuntary movement of muscles in the body.

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Treating Eye Twitches

eye twitching treatment

Treating eye twitches can be easy, all you have to do is : 

  • Control or stop the consumption of alcohol. 
  • Drink a limited amount of caffeine during the day and especially when you are experiencing eye twitching frequently. Note the quantity and the amount of caffeine you took and try to regulate it.
  • Further, stop confusing the circadian rhythms of your body, get proper sleep during the night, and work/study during the day.
  • However, if you still face eye twitching try using a hot compress over the lid. Just take a clean sock fill it with rice and place it inside the microwave for 30 seconds. Take it out and let it cool down for some time. Once this comes down to a bearable temperature, place it over your eyes for short intervals and lift. Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes and your eyes will be back to normal.
home remedies for eye twitching
  • In addition to that, you can massage your eyes. Place four fingers of your palm on each of your eyes, then move them in an outward circular motion 10-20 times. Repeat the process in a clockwise direction now. Moreover, you can try some more eye exercises to prevent eye twitches and relax your eyes.
  • Lastly, you should remember to keep your eyes hydrated, use over-the-counter eye drops to maintain healthy hydration in your eyes. One drop twice a day would do the work for you.

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Don’t be troubled by eye twitching anymore as you are now aware of how you can treat it and where you’re going wrong. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such tips, home remedies, and health-related articles.