Pregnancy happens to be one of the most emotional experiences in a woman’s life. It changes her not just physically but emotionally as well. A lot of women have turned to Ayurveda over the years to assist them and on this spiritually enriching journey from conception to delivery and even post that. Ayurveda is a great compliment for a woman during pregnancy. Apart from the care given by the medical faculty, Ayurveda can be a choice to smoothen your pregnancy agenda. 

Thus, we were in conversation with Dr. Ankita Gupta, BAMS, Birla Ayurveda, who is an Ayurveda Expert told us about how Ayurveda can be used to ensure a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery. Read on for more.

Ayurveda For Pregnancy

ayurvedic tips for pregnancy

Ayurveda is a traditional medication system from India that tends to the entire individual brain, body, and soul. It is additionally having a significant second at the center of attention at the present time, as a considerable lot of us are looking for more equilibrium and customary mending in our lives. At more than 5,000 years of age, Ayurveda is maybe the most established arrangement of wellbeing and recuperating on our planet, and it is still broadly rehearsed today.

In Ayurveda, pregnancy is seen as an extremely unique and profound time in a lady's life. It is regularly detailed that a pregnant lady's quality is especially brilliant and luminous - this is Ayurveda's clarification for that elusive "pregnancy glow" that we catch wind of! This is the point at which a lady's natural capacities are especially high, and contemplation and other profound practices are strongly suggested right now.

Best Ayurvedic Practices For Pregnant Women

ayurvedic tips for pregnancy

  • Ayurveda has always shown a way to mankind The main motto of Ayurveda(important ayurvedic ingredients) is "To keep the health of a healthy person and to cure patients".
  •  In order to keep mankind healthy, healthy fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal care are so important.
  •  So here are some small things to be taken care of if you want to conceive.
  •  In order to develop love and affection between partners, it is important to mitigate vata and pitta dosha.
  • For balancing doshas the seasonal panchakarma is so important.

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  • Starting from the monsoon season where Basti has to be done.
  • Then before winter virechana is important and in the Vasant or spring season vaman is important.
  • After cleansing your body, making the ovum and sperm healthy is important this is called vazikaran chikitsa.
  • Where male and female gametes are made strong and healthy to produce great pregnancy.

Mental Health & Pregnancy

ayurvedic tips for pregnancy

Peace of mind helps stabilize the hormones like progesterone which are important during pregnancy. There are monthly regimens to be followed in Ayurveda along with medicine which helps in lowering the risk of deformed pregnancy and helps in better development of the baby along with some mild panchkarma. 

Tips For Smooth Delivery

ayurvedic tips for pregnancy

For smooth delivery yoga panchakarma and garbh sanskar can play a major role. Here are a few pointers in Yoga which if practiced regularly will aid in pregnancy and smooth delivery.


  • Trikonasan
  • Vrikshasan 
  • Virbhdrasan
  •  Pranayam
  • Anulom vilom
  • Bramari
  • Ujjai
  • Omkar

Some panchakarma described by acharyas during the 8th and 9th months helps in a smooth delivery. Proper nourishment during pregnancy(common myths about pregnancy), and after delivery also plays an important role.

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