Don’t know how to prevent pregnancy? Pregnancy can happen even when you and your partner use protection and as we all know, none of the contraceptive measures are 100 percent effective and they can fail. So, it is best to rely on natural remedies. Natural methods are cost-effective and pose no side effects if they are taken in the right way. So, here’s how to use them to avoid pregnancy.

Vitamin C

The goodness of vitamin C enriched fruits not only helps in detoxification of skin but also acts as an ideal and safe birth control method. Due to the high percentage of ascorbic acid, it prevents progestogen hormone to reach the ovules. Ideally, doctors recommend 1500 mg of vitamin C capsule to avoid pregnancy.


remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally cinnamon

It is an effective remedy to counterfeit pregnancy naturally. Soak cinnamon in water overnight, then drink the water next morning. It helps in stimulating the uterus and therefore proves to be a bliss for miscarriage, abortion, and other vaginal issues. 

Dried Figs

remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally dried figs

Daily eating 2-3 pieces of dried figs can avoid unwanted pregnancy. But don’t overeat it, as it can upset your stomach.


Neem, also known as anti-fertility herb, can stop the follicular growth. It can also hamper the reproductive functions in males by inhibiting spermatogenesis.

Jack-In-The-Pulpit-Root (Indian Turnip)

remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally indian turnip

It can prevent pregnancy for up to a week after lovemaking. Mix a tsp of powdered jack-in-the-pulpit-root in a half glass of water. Drink this daily at least twice a day for a week.

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Consuming papaya right after making love can avoid unwanted pregnancy and it also reduces sperm count in males. Eat papaya twice a day for unbelievable results. You can also drink its juice.

So, don't lose your cool if you get pregnant, and just follow these remedies. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such articles.